Cobra Interview Oct. 2015

… or big chunks of it. He answers some very important questions.

Rob – That’s really good news. It seems as though there’s a lot of misinformation in regards to how these dark forces work in concert. And I have a question here in regards to when you talked about the great forgetting and the Archon invasion. You mentioned that many of these reptilians have been reincarnating into human bodies.

I’d kind of like to know if we know or you know or the Resistance knows: when these reptilians come here in human bodies, are they conscious of who they are? Or do they just have these matrix nanobyte programs and they’re just like normal humans but running a hostile alien agenda?

My question is, are they aware like light-workers? We’re aware and feel that we’re part of a spiritual positive effort and yet we’re not really card-carrying members. Some of us may have had some experiences physical or non-physical, but many of us don’t have the context you have.

I’m wondering with these different groups of hostile reptilians that are incarnating into our system and find themselves in positions of power, are they consciously working with the satanic influence or how does that work for them?

COBRA – They have come to this planet in waves, many thousands of years ago. The first entry was in the reptilian body, usually. I would include the jump rooms in various portals of the subterranean bases throughout the planet and then later incarnations when they die in that incarnation they are reincarnated again as a human being. They are still reptilian but have incarnated in a human body and they have taken many of those incarnations after that in human bodies. They have forgotten, of course, like everybody else. They don’t know consciously that they are reptilians. They are just being used as puppets by the Archons and usually those reptilians tend to gravitate towards the most violent professions. Usually they work as mercenaries because this is their nature. They want to kill, they want to torture, so they are gravitating towards those kinds of professions and many of those entities are now involved in the Syria crisis as mercenaries.

Rob – Okay. That’s very interesting. And would there be a different group that’s kind of attracted to the corridors of power? Would those be Dracos or . . 

COBRA – Exactly. Many Dracos came – the same story – thousands of years ago in their Draco bodies through jump rooms in the subterranean bases and their subsequent incarnations they have taken human bodies and today they are the Cabal, the Illuminati. They are Dracos incarnated in human bodies. And the top of them know they are Dracos and it is part of their, I would say, “pride”. They see themselves as a superior race. It’s one of their so-called secrets that they are not actually human. I think Hillary Clinton just said recently that she’s not human actually.

Rob – Yea, somebody just sent me a post and she said she was created in a garage in Palo Alto when someone said, ‘Why don’t you sweat?’ I don’t think it was in Palo Alto, maybe in Camp David in the underground cloning base. I know a lot of this is so very far out there for many people. It really seems like Invasion of the Body Snatchers, but my personal experience has led me down this path where I’ve had certain experiences and I have to say, everything for the most part that you say really makes sense along these lines and I appreciate that. I’ve always kind of wondered the level of awareness of the people that are running these agendas. They are like a lot of us who are just kind of running their own programs. So at the point of the Event these beings also will be given a chance to turn towards the light?

COBRA – Yes, yes.

Recent Channelings

There has been a great deal of information in the channelings of messages from archangels and Galactic Federation light forces that fit in with MyToE. My favorite YT channel source for these is Matt Muckleroy.

This one was posted April 4, 2016

*** Very important updates and Info *** Very illustrative graphics

and this one as well, posted Mar. 31, 2016

Look at the view of Planet Earth, from a spaceship, at about 8:40. There is another spaceship that floats into the foreground.

Compare that ship to this recent sighting from Antarctica

Here is a recent video on Muckleroy’s channel that is very consistent with and relevant to the information I “download” and write about it my essays.

I will post more of these as I find them.

I do not post enough. If you are one of the few people who occasionally follows my “blog,” I’m sure you’ve noticed it is not much of a blog. I hope to remedy this soon, to post more often and attract a few more followers.

If you “get” what I am saying here on MyToE, these channelings show how my own theories fit in with other popular material. I have been receiving these insights by increasing volumes for a few years now; when I listen to Pleiadeans and GF beings such as Cobra and Mythi and ascended beings, they are saying things I myself receive via intuition, i.e., my “sources” have been telling me the same things.

I want the reader to understand that I am Pleiadean and my insights are often confirmed or echoed by other Pleiadeans who may be familiar to them, yet I do have my own unique perspective and contribution to how the dots fit together. I think the Muckleroy videos of channeled messages help establish this. Many of these can also be heard on other YT channels or read on websites, but his content selections are the best overall fit for MyToE.

Thank you for reading.

This is one of many videos with great information on who exactly Reptilians are. The information starts at 8:40 after her report on the destroyed ship.

I believe Reptilians are not only of both positive and negative orientations as this contactee Elena Kapulnik explains, but there are many more varieties, mostly not originally from Earth (they came in collaboration with other races in recent centuries).


This message from Ashtar is quite informative, and long. [Yes Cmdr. Ashtar is real, and with the Light; I finally “encountered” him in the astral realms – but clearly – a few weeks ago.]

I’ve marked the part just prior to 6 min where he talks about how many souls are here to volunteer to help with the planetary shift, and these are souls who had already ascended in previous forms. But the metaphysical history and other explanations are quite germane now.