The You-Wouldn’t-Believe-it Links

Because of all those times you want to tell your friends where they can go…

to see “proof” of the impossible, the magical, the denied, the scoffed-at, the….

The Levitating girl in the woods in Russia!  – additional video

And the famous Angel Saves the Bike Cart Man in China. I still don’t think it has been debunked, what do you think?

Here are some True (and credible) Believers, too: Angels save car wreck victims


The Casey Anthony clan has got some serious overshadowing going on.


But did you know Nice Aliens can also cause the host to shape-shift?

For those who still doubt, check the web for the many many videos on abductions, alien autopsy, all the vids that prove many ET or alien-Terran species have shared the Earth with us for a long time. I don’t want to link to the more disturbing and graphic videos, but they are available, they are way too numerous to be explained by fakery – that explanation is not plausible, so unrealistic that would have to be the looney conspiracy theory.



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