Well, isn’t that interesting….

There are some really fascinating things I found out this week!

Can you feel the Earth shattering?! WHAT?! Didn’t you HEAR/(read):

The Taiwan Conference Report was just released thanks to Rob Potter & Victory of the LIght

Greece’s new Prime Minister Tsipras is in danger of assassination

And of course Benjamin Fulford’s update

And VTs Preston James celebrates  Changes we could not have imagined until recently

And don’t forget to rattle the battle for Net Neutrality

LOTs of good info, revelations, speculations in the latest Jim WIllie interview.

The week of Jan 25-31, 2015

Must follow! News Stories of END TIMES!! (for the Cabal, yeah, I wish) according to Jim Willie’s latest talk.

And Peter Dale Scott on Deep State Politics

And just in case you thought the Citizens United pro-psychopath decision was a good thing

The week of Jan 18-24, 2015

Cobra has something to say, here is his update for January 18, 2015

— Please listen to this interview – some very important questions are answered.

Stage2Omega says it best: What to do if you might be Jewish

Veterans Today are The New Sheriff in Town

And Jim Willie says the United States is recognized as a more rogue nation than Iran (by realists outside the U.S., of course)

John Lash says it is time to organize and innovate for Gaia.

And the IndianintheMachine says Kathryn May heard from Lady Nada recently!


Worldwide Visualization for a Breakthrough – Please Join Us!

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