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Thank you for visiting my website about My Theory of Everything.

I am Dakini, creator of the Dakini-Anonymous Theory of Everything, or as I will sometimes abbreviate, My Big ToE. My channel is Anonymous. She is a writer, artist, mother, person, etc…. with galactic DNA that enables hosting Dakini as an overshadow to her own primary soul, who is also galactic (to say the least).

My Big ToE is an original, dynamic, uniquely all-encompassing perspective on how EVERYTHING is related. Now I realize, just saying everything is related is probably an instant turnoff, so let me get more specific. I don’t expect you to be interested in some fluff about how all of the universe is an intricate web, or worse, an illusion. We need something more useful than that.

The “everything” that I am going to talk about consists of popular topics, scientific theories, and issues that are on people’s minds, like their health, spirituality and world religions, like secret government surveillance, like children with autism, and of course, the all-encompassing, the New Age and the changes brought about in the year 2012.

You could say the New Age and 2012 are sort of like an umbrella for My Theory of Everything, because everything else will fall under that umbrella some how, or pretty close to it. If you were not aware, the year 2012 and especially in December, tremendous energetic changes culminated on planet Earth. The mass media hides this information from you, but I assure you they did occur, and you can find more information about that from spiritual channels (such as the messages you will find on the Matt Muckleroy and rainbowabundance YouTube channels) as well as sources on global politics such as the Red Dragon family ‘ambassador’ and Benjamin Fulford. Then there are sources that cross-over these topics like I do, including David Wilcock and Laura Eisenhower.

The New Age is not just the common thread through all my favorite topics, it’s the reason, the impetus for why I have assumed the identity of Dakini and put together a theory of everything, a theory linking mankind and all we know, or think we know, from religion to politics to biology and history.

This isn’t quite Einstein’s theory of everything, I won’t really be getting into quantum physics, at least not much, not yet. I will need to reference quantum physics in a general way, you’ll see, it is part of the deal, but I will leave it to the physicists (of the future) to figure out how it actually explains our reality. Quantum physics fits in here because it is the frontier of science, the New Age of science, and the New Age will manifest in every area of life. Makes sense doesn’t it?

Well it may not make sense to you yet, but quantum physics accounts for what’s going on with your DNA, and in fact, your SOUL. Yep, your SOUL has a quantum relationship to your DNA. Your soul, your past lives, your karma, that is all encoded in your DNA! In what the Old Age scientists mistakenly called “junk DNA.”

Your DNA is code, right? Yes! It’s coded information- just like what computer code does- it takes one reality, encodes it into another form, that can then be decoded to recreate that reality elsewhere. Your DNA is like the DVD copy of the events that made the movie. There is a great metaphor in there – that of telecommunication in any form – as representing patterns in nature, the same principles God and nature use to design and create, to perceive and then to recall and to re-experience from memory. Memory is the most fundamental part of humanity.

You may have heard of energy bodies – your astral body, your etheric body, that you have besides your physical body. Well… the gist of it is – each body actually consists of subatomic particles, and each one has a quantum relationship to another energy body.

You may have a hunch that better understanding of quantum physics will be crucial to future technologies, to our scientific advancement. And Yes that’s probably the case, but what you may not have realized is it will be crucial to our own evolution as a species, to our catching up, if you will, with the various extraterrestrial races, our galactic cousins, who are already here on this planet, because that’s currently the most important part they have mastered where we are clueless – that is, how to use our astral bodies or light bodies, independently of our physical bodies. Another way of putting this is, using the nonlocal mind, or higher dimensional consciousness, to explore beyond the 3D world that dominates our experiences.

That’s quite a bit to wrap your head around, and I just said I wasn’t going to talk about quantum physics, so let me back up. I had to put a lot of thought into where to start with MyToe, because there really is no beginning, no ending, to MyToe, it’s more like spirals and circles and constant change – My Theory of Everything will illustrate to you a web that is never fixed, but always transforming.

Now there’s a #1 word for my theory of everything – transformation. As you know, you and your environment are constantly changing, nothing is permanent, and energy can only change forms – it can only transform – but it cannot be destroyed. Transformation is a key principle of alchemy. And I will be talking a LOT about alchemy. I think alchemy is a good place to start, because it has been a key part of western civilization for centuries, if not millennia, and so few people know what it is by any breadth, if they even got the general idea right, and that’s a big if.

Don’t most folks think alchemy only refers to some dark age idea of how to turn anything into gold? That’s barely part of it. Yes, medieval chemistry was one area of alchemy, and their scientists did try to turn things into gold. But in essence, the turning into gold is a metaphor for the penultimate transformation we Earth humans can achieve, which is rebirth into a new kind of human. Some people call this “awakening” or “activation”(of your 12-chakra system, and of your 12-stranded DNA) or “kundalini activation.” These awakenings are happening to millions more people every day, although what the Alchemists of centuries’ past knew about it is up for debate.

Basically, for centuries alchemy was sort of the larger portion of western esotericism, which includes such ancient references and traditional arts as the Tarot, Hermetic wisdom, the Kaballah, the Tree of Life – those topics which are sometimes referred to as Occultism (from “in the dark”) in the sense that few people understand them, and also refers to the fact that they were studied in secret.

In fact, for most of the past two millennia or so, study of most esoteric topics were prohibited by the ruling class. A historical perspective for the masses might highlight how great of a priority it was to try to influence mass opinion by banning certain topics right out of the gate.

This control and oppression are the cardinal traits of the Old Age. Their essence is deception, inherently masculine-dominant & left-brained – which seeks to CONTROL appearances, communication, in service of power, increase/gain, meeting biological, social, & emotional needs – the primary way of doing this is interpersonal & tribal associations whose function is to control appearances by controlling other people. This has been the case for millennia.

Controlling and manipulating exterior appearances are at the core of narcissism, in all forms, from normal developmental narcissism to its most malignant forms. Narcissism with a lower-case “n” is a normal part of social relationships. It is core to the extravert’s personality – and their social dominance in all civilization – at this point in time of humanity’s spiritual evolution. It is developmentally normal within individuals, but we are failing to develop beyond it. This gives it quite a push, so that capital-N Narcissism is pervasive among humans. It is still an extreme or pathological (but not necessarily dysfuntional) form of extraversion.

MyToE will elaborate on how autism is the energetic complement to narcissism. This is one of the key unique perspectives of My Theory of Everything. And this probably sounds bizarre to new readers – but this is where MyToE leads right into the topics of exopolitics, the U.S. Mass media’s ‘truth embargo’ on the ET presence, and our secret shadow government and its oppressive, deceptive conspiracies for the destruction of human civilization and planet Earth.

And when I expound on that, you will see how it ALL fits together….

Here is an interesting video: ‘Reptilians among us’ by Stargods…..

Reptilians among us

The author seems to have noticed something similar with regard to the function of the left brain.

And on that note, a full-length documentary (just released!) on the topic:

Dan Flynn video:  The ‘REPTILIANS’ – A Predator Species Among Us – Not for the Squeamish!!

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