Hope and Healing

 For Hope, for Faith and Patience, for Healing, for Compassion, for the Middle Way.

For Resolution, for Insight, for Compromise, for Revelation, for Growth. For Advancement for ALL.

Some favorite sites for healing sources and services.

Profound Healing for Indigos and Sensitive Souls

Unplug, go within, discern, drop resistance, go home, cross the bridge and build a new Earth with inspiring messages from InfiniteShift.wordpress.com

Matt Licata’s Healing Space

Healing for Gaia – Humanus

to be continued….

YouTube channels for the channeled.

Matt Muckleroy      Rainbowabundance

Additionally, I offer basic services of intuitive advice for Indigos, Empaths, and Soul seekers. In particular those who are on the autism spectrum, and could be Starseeds (maybe you’re not sure…) should contact me as my intuitions and clair-knowledge will be especially useful to you.

Please contact me, Dakini, to receive this most affordable and practical service.

I will use my study of alchemy, western esotericism (Hermetic wisdom, Tarot), and my training in Astrology, to give you some general insight into your spirit’s developmental position, your soul path, your primary soul needs, and some possible solutions at this time. You simply provide your birthdate, or at least your sun sign, and I will do the reading privately (I don’t do phone readings). Then I will write up a brief report for you.

If you are interested, please use the contact form below. On this form, I ask you to tell me a little about what you expect. However, I offer only the one service, a brief reading for a fee of $14.50 to be paid through my PayPal account. This is a good deal and your satisfaction is guaranteed!

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