About Dakini

I’ve had specialized ‘human civilization’ training in this incarnation by bouncing around in the fields of clinical and research psychology, government research in the effectiveness of social programs, as well as creative fields. I started off planning to be a visual artist. Knowing very little about humans’ social hierarchies (as I was a female with Aspergers syndrome when there was no such thing) such as what they call ‘the economy,’ I soon realized I had to try a different profession. It was in these clinical/academic/research/government settings that I was repeatedly baffled by the extraordinary voluntary blindness that ‘experts’ will choose in the face of glaring empirical inconsistencies, as if they can use their status to alter reality to suit their egos. And indeed that’s what they did every time. As a right-brain-dominant activated starseed Indigo-Scout who can recall a Pleiadian-SIrian life of about 250 years as an information technology specialist (absent from Earth while the Illuminati & Nazi’s were taking control of the entire planet), I could not ‘turn off’ my right brain inputs nor my detailed spatial perception. I could not help but to see that when humans talk about ‘feelings’ being important because they are ‘feeling people who think,’ not ‘thinking people who feel’ as one clinician put it, that what they really mean is the importance of a person’s feelings is proportionate to their status in a social hierarchy, and what upsets their feelings the most is having another disagree with or challenge their perceptions. And therefore a higher rank in a hierarchy (varies between situations/settings) is what ‘buys’ a person the right to define reality according to their own desires, agendas, and preferred illusions, and to punish others who do not agree with or validate their illusions and false beliefs. And this means consequences that are possibly life-threatening, or at least so very stressful for the dissenter that accurate perception (as in that which would be confirmed by audio-video recordings) is not an option in any social or business setting where the person with higher rank in any given interaction does not choose to know or perceive reality accurately, but prefers to put a self-serving distortion on it. So as perceived survival needs take priority, as predicted/planned/controlled [by __?___ someone, right?] said option of accurate perception is readily¬†forfeited by those who would like to sleep in a warm bed.

As a right-brain-dominant activated starseed Indigo-Scout who can recall a Pleiadian-SIrian life of about 250 years as an information technology specialist in an advanced Pleiadian civilization, I could not help but to know that this pattern puts the entire planet Earth and the entire human race at risk of complete destruction, because those with the most power are not held to a standard of honesty, objectivity, and competence. Rather they are allowed to go about wielding their power based on extremely distorted perceptions and false beliefs which serve mainly their own material and egoistic needs. In the process of suffering their slander and projections to the detriment of my health and severe economic sanctions, I was finally informed of my galactic identity in 2011 and began to ‘download’ the insights of My Theory of Everything from a source of goddess wisdom whom I call Dakini.

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