My Theory of Everything as it relates to Genesis and contemporary Zionists and Jews – Part 1

Please listen to this Arcturians Message Jan 1 2016, after reading this essay (at 8 min talks about “service to self” races who fear us). This was posted a few days after I posted this essay in 2 parts.

Part One: The Fallen Angels and The Grand Experiment.

Background: for the reader to understand this essay, it is necessary for her or him to have the following background knowledge (and if you would prefer to ignore and deny the evidence that these background points are true, please go back to your checkers and jello): 1) the extraterrestrial presence (of highly advanced beings) is real and known by high-ranking military personnel all over the world, as well as by many civilians; 2) high-level military (or federal government) personnel who deny it are almost always corrupt and bribed, or chosen for their lack of intellect, because the deniers are with the “dark side,” aka, loosely characterized as “the Cabal” (such as the NWO, the Illuminati, the Zionists, the Vatican, etc. – all of this is thoroughly addressed elsewhere in the independent media; exact roles and events usually can’t be verified- by design, duh – but the existence of these Cabal organizations are well-established facts); 3) some of the Cabal organizations, some of the world’s wealthiest elites, are known to participate in Satanic rituals, including human sacrifices, and this has been documented for many centuries, as part of secret societies; AND most U.S. Presidents and European political leaders were members of secret societies; 4) the mainstream popular music industry is entirely dominated by members of Satanic cults (this is much less true of TV shows and films where their influence varies widely) and this is related to the fact that Satan worship and human sacrifices endow practitioners with abilities they would not otherwise possess; 5) mainstream news media, and top-level monetary policy (the Federal Reserve) are known to be controlled by criminal organizations who use a great deal of secrecy and threats to implement their desired policy and views. If you were not aware of any one of these things, please read up before attempting to digest this essay. If you are not willing to do that, as I said, please go back to your checkers and jello.

It will also help if you believe that there is a great deal of truth in the Holy Bible and Christian beliefs, however metaphorical and allegorical the specific content may be.

This piece of the Dakini-Anonymous Theory of Everything is an interpretation of the most influential world events in known history, from Genesis of the Old Testament to the Jewish people of our contemporary Zionist-controlled planet. The crux of this argument is that at the highest levels, contemporary wealthy Zionist elites are directly descended from the biblical False Jews, who are directly related to the Fallen Angels of 20,000 – 250,000 years ago. They have maintained their positions of power through an unbroken chain of knowledge and command achieved and sustained via Ba’al worship, aka Satanic sacrifices.

The following bullet-point and underlining format will help the reader put the pieces of the puzzle together.

The Fallen Angels and The Grand Experiment.

Begin with Genesis, when God cursed his own creation. This is one of the most important points in the Old Testament, and the most germane today as the NWO Zionists have the planet in their sadistic destructive claws.

In the first few pages of Genesis, it is explained that God created something God hated. God considered it a mistake. It was horrendous. It was, as will be explained, what became the Beast. (It had a long time to become the Beast; that’s why it is so Evil, because God rejected it a very, very long time ago, and it has been on its own, without Source, ever since, or at least until the Grand Experiment kicked off with Abraham (Noah, Adam & Eve were precursors).

Contemporary metaphysicians call it the “Primary Anamoly,” explaining it – to no avail, as it is just too weird – as “an interaction between free will and the quantum potentials of thought.” It was an accident, basically. God made a mistake, and that’s how the Angels Fell. They fell because God – accidentally – created extremely powerful Angels who were to do His Bidding – but let them get a bit too far away from Source, and so the Angels Fell. They fell when they used their God-given super-abilities to selfish and destructive ends, basically, this was eating from the tree of life.

We don’t really need to wrap our heads around terms like primary anomaly and quantum potentials. “Fallen Angels” is abstract enough. We simply need to think of all the horrendous things we know about what Earth’s human beings do to one another as well as to the planet and its many other creatures. Horrendous, sadistic things – torturing people, enjoying causing immense pain and suffering, enjoying killing, encouraging others to kill, kill, kill. Or how about how they kill animals, kill so many of them they destroy an entire species, just for money, without any regard at all for the individual suffering animals, nor for the species itself. Or how about how women have been treated by men since the dawn of time – condoned severe abuse, genital mutilation (6,000 more girls today, 6,000 more tomorrow…), female infanticide, pervasive oppression. Or how about child labor, child abductions, human sex slave trafficking, boys trained for war, the list goes on, the horror goes on and on. Their leaders don’t care, the politicians don’t care, the corporations don’t care.

Very few people seem to care that even most of the people who are well-fed and housed (forget about the homeless and starving) are forced to work as virtual slaves for pennies to barely sustain themselves. Not many seem to care that they themselves are enslaved to an economic machine of the Zionist war-mongering NWO that doesn’t believe people have the right to live on their home-planet. We have had the means, we have had all it takes for a long time now, to prevent such horrific results of man’s behavior, but no one with enough power to do much about it has cared enough to do much about it. And the war and the killing and the torture continues. The Beast Rules.

In a nutshell:

The Beast is disconnected from Source-God, but has the supernatural Powers of Angels, to create by manifesting thought.

When the Beast (host of Satan) was banished, it was denied everlasting life, so it must steal the spiritual energy of others.

Here are five qualities of the Beast, each described in more detail below.

The Beast is: 1) Disconnected from Source; 2) endowed with creative-manifesting abilities that are far beyond what typical Earth humans could understand; 3) in constant fear that it will be annihilated; 4) denied everlasting life, no longer permitted to reincarnate into physical form, which is why it must steal spiritual energy and possess the bodies of others. And, 5) it is given this one chance – this Great Epoch on our planet that is culminating now – to be integrated into humanity, to save that part of itself that’s worthy of God (the remnant), by harmonizing with the soul essences of beings who are still allowed to reincarnate.

This last part is the most esoteric – and the most important part – of what the Beast is. This current Epoch (past 250,000 years or so) is about re-integrating – into Source’s Creation – that which can be salvaged from the Beast.

IS-RA-EL = the Serpent god + the Sun God + “Of God” – this is a very, very esoteric concept, and as that it is THE single word which characterizes this Great Epoch on Earth, the Grand Experiment.

What this equation is saying is that the Serpent god “Isss” will be foster hosted in the dual-minded human, along with the Sun God “RA” (Source), and that which is True comes back to God-Source “EL” – the remnant. The remnant harmonizes with God, and is integrated back into humanity, so that we may once again have a multiverse that is not dominated by disharmony.

This is God making amends for rejecting his own creation – and that’s what all religions of this Great Epoch are about. All metaphysical study and theory known on the Earth since the time of Genesis are about God making amends to the Beast for rejecting his own creation, by allowing the Beast to come through mankind, the Dual Host, the Janus face, and come to God with that part of the Beast that is willing to re-align itself with Source. This is what is meant by the Grand Experiment.

Please excuse the repetition (but sometimes it helps) when I say God banished His own creation. To elaborate, this is what Genesis was really trying to say: these Fallen Angels, being without God-Source, created the Beast, in the form of the “Serpent,” which are the reptilian races of the Annunaki (who do not necessarily need bodies, because they are powerful Fallen Angels). Meanwhile, the obedient divine Angels, known as Cherubim and Seraphim and the Powers, had a plan for the Earth to be inhabited by “light beings” (untainted humans with silica-based bodies), who had 12-stranded DNA and 12 chakras (which would allow them to live and create in 7D – the perfected body of man can master 7th dimensional existence, which leads to ascension). But there was a conflict, because the Beast was still here on Earth. So, when Source bumped into that old Beast again, when God tried to give the Earth to hu-man light-filled beings, Source said, uh-oh, we got to get rid of that. Source does not need the Beast, and neither does anyone else. But the Beast was still created by Source, and so the Beast has rights – so, the Source and the Beast had a talk, and came up with a plan. God would make amends to the Beast, and allow its soul essences to re-harmonize with Source, before being judged. The “sentence” after Judgment, would be either reintegration into everlasting life, or complete and final destruction.

So here’s where we have a mess: the Beast and all its hosts contain a tremendous amount of trapped, warped Soul Energy. It cannot get out and realign with Source by itself. The innocent, trapped soul energy is completely intertwined with the spirit of the Beast and its allergy to Source. This has been getting only worse, since the “time” when God rejected his own creation and left it alone to do its own thing… because what it did was create slaves. It feared the free will of other intelligent beings – who might be connected to the Source that rejected it. It feared this so much that it had to make slaves of them. The slaves are trapped souls, or at least part of their souls are trapped spirit energy. With each deeper layer that descended into matter – more disharmony was created. At each “layer” or dimensional reality (each its own universe, part of the multiverse) going deeper, more and more spirit energy is trapped, turned into matter and maligned with Source. In more detail:

    1. Being disconnected from Source, it cannot assess its own truth – it cannot see its own true image. It can only see what it desires, it can only believe what feels good to believe, the image that it wants to project, that it wants you to reflect back to it. It has no security (see #3), and it has no Love of Others.
    2. The Beast began as very, very powerful Angels, such as the Powers, but was mistakenly trusted by God. It had the power to manifest thought, to descend into matter on a massive and grand scale, to create its own universes, where design and intention could become physical systems, embodied beings, in the “blink of an eye,” whether that meant millions of our years or mere seconds. The Fallen Angels were such extremely powerful manifesters, we cannot even begin to comprehend.

God did not realize He had trusted them too much, that they could even want to be so different from Him, before he endowed them and sent them on their way. These Angels Fell and became the Beast, the host of Satan. When God saw what he and they had done, God was horrified. Even God wanted to pretend the mistake had not happened. But He couldn’t do that; he could only reject them, condemn them, banish them. But none of this would work, because God had already created them. God had a problem, which He had to amend. He came face to face with this problem when the Serpent races were not about to surrender Earth to the hu-mans, the Light-filled beings created to express harmony with Source, before they were reduced to carbon density by the Annunaki. These earlier hu-mans (also hybrids) were of the Sun God Ra. Was Ra a “purely good” God or the “real” God? It doesn’t matter at this point, it was a darn good Source, at least compared to the Beast it had long-ago banished. And the Beast knew that.

    1. The Beast said: NO, I will not be destroyed, and You, God, shall see what kind of a fight I can put up, to not be destroyed, because You, God, created me and gave me power, and now I have a right to exist. Thus a plan to amend, guided by the Lord of Hosts, was born in what we know as Genesis.

The Beast through its hosts – whatever beings, hybrids or humans it comes through now – has long known that this Great Epoch and Grand Experiment is about him (he is masculine- a perversion of the masculine descending agenda – it gets perverted into a destructive force, it destroys to feed itself, its antidote is ascension, its enemy is the feminine). The Beast has known that from the start, but typical humans of course, cannot even begin to wrap their heads around that. But still, the Beast knows the deal: Realign with Source, or Be Destroyed. The Beast gets this chance, because a whole lot of the Beast is actually quite innocent, it just doesn’t know which part; it can’t identify that by itself. It knows the Rules, but it does not trust the Ruler, so it wants to be the Ruler, because in his confusion, in his state of disconnection, it fears self-destruction. It has been ruling its own Annunaki serpent races, without help from God-Source, for many eons, so it feels quite insecure in this new game that was born in Genesis.

4.  The Beast of the Fallen Angels has been enjoying using its hyper-dimensional creative manifesting abilities – without being checked on by Source – for a very, very, very long time. The Beast has found a way to not need Source. Now, way back when Source condemned and banished the Beast, it denied it the everlasting life that Source is willing to grant the beings aligned with it, the Sun God Ra. But, it still had the power it was left with when God rejected it, so it set out to use this power in any and all ways it could, in order to sustain itself. Thus, the Annunaki and their serpent races have the powers of the Fallen Angels.

Their abilities to steal the spiritual energy of others, and trap it into denser and denser forms of matter that are maligned to Source, out of harmony with Truth – are part of the metaphysical laws of creation. These laws have been described by Hindu scholars, and theorists from the Spiritualist-Theosophy movement of the 19th century who studied Hindu texts, (see A.E. Powell’s the Astral Body), and I have described it elsewhere in the Dakini-Anonymous Theory of Everything. Essentially, these metaphysical laws of creation have a loophole in them that allows this stealing and trapping-into-disharmony to happen – it is the Primary Anomaly by which the Angels Fell. It is so powerful that it still rules over the Earth, as its practitioners who worship Ba’al and make sacrifices to Satan (giving him stolen spirit energy) are the people who control most the world’s money and resources, and have been doing so since the dawn of mankind – they even survived the Great Flood. They remember things that 99.99999% of all humans have never known. They have never been purged from the Earth; the Messiah tried but ended up promising to return to try again after two millennia.

    1. Again, the Beast knows the deal: Realign with Source, or Be Destroyed. And remember, the Beast is embodied in Annunaki races such as the reptilian White Dracos, who may actually not be embodied beyond their hyper-dimensional state, except when they possess the body of another. Regardless, the original spirit-soul energy of these beings does not have to be destroyed, in the GE of this GE. The spirit energy of these reptilian beings, whether they were “Great White Dracos” or their minion slave races, gets their chance to re-harmonize with Source and be re-integrated with humanity, by being foster-hosted by humans. We were created in our current form to serve this purpose. WE get to choose, guided by the Lord of Hosts, how much of the Beast we will host. (Note: the Beast is not the same as the reptilian – to be explained later – the Beast can be mammalian or avian as well). Think of Satan as the spirit of the Beast: Will you host Satan, or God-Source? The Lord of Hosts guides you.

      The planet’s ruling wealthiest elites, in their secret societies, are desperately trying to stave off their judgment and destruction.

This is a big part of the secret of the wealthy elites – and it brings the whole picture together, when you realize they are now actively and desperately trying to save themselves from God’s wrath, because They Know The Deal. They know – this is your Last Chance to not be purged. Only that part of you that is willing to realign with Source will be saved from the Purge (of Revelations) – that part is called the Remnant. In order to not be ultimately and completely purged, the Satanic spirit of all the Annunaki beings had to agree to the Grand Experiment – to re-integrate into humanity by piggy-backing on humans who were created to foster host it.

Evil people are often innocent, because their souls are trapped.

And so the Beast, aka Satan, basically, agreed to the plan. But Satan does not trust God, still reeling as he is, from being rejected and banned by his own Creator. And all mixed up inside Satan, and in the souls of many reptilian beings (especially those who served as slaves – think of Darth Vader’s armies), is a lot of eager soul energy – the spirit of pure and innocent (believe it or not) souls who have been trapped in the service of Satan. These are the souls to whom God owes amends, but they are so trapped and confused and desperate that it is a very complicated task, to say the least. It is simply not in Satan’s nature to “Let Go and Let God.” So Satan has been doing what Satan does, and Satan has been trying to be the Driver in this Grand Experiment. And of course, he doesn’t want you to know that he’s cheating, he knows he is not supposed to be the Driver, but he’s going to try anyway, and hope that no one notices. That’s just how Satan is.

And Satan tempts us ALL, because we were ALL created to share this burden of re-integration; it is a collective burden. More on that later.

The Beast’s powers came from Fallen Angels – it is a perversion (a wrongful twist) of the descending masculine agenda; it is not the divine masculine, which is the aim of restoration.

The primary anamoly is a perversion of the masculine – it takes the power of spirit descending into matter with grand design and intention, with the angelic Powers, and uses it for destructive ends. It has to steal innocent spirit energy and trap it in dense forms, because that is how it has learned to survive, once denied everlasting life by Source God. Matter that should be fluid, like pure feminine energy that glides as it ascends back to Source, is hijacked in service of the destructive masculine. Satan blocks its path back to Source.

The Grand Experiment, the re-integration of the Satanic into humanity, is birthed by a new game of interaction between masculine and feminine aspects of creation.

In the GE of this GE, there is a battle between light and dark (you’ve heard that, right?). This battle plays out within and between humans. The Adamic-Abrahamic races were created for this purpose, basically. We can think of Adamic-Abrahamic peoples as all the people of the Occident; it’s not that Orientals are not equally human, of course they are. It’s really just a matter of a world that is too big for minds that are too small, so they got told stories about “the whole world” when it was really limited to the Occidental world.

In Genesis, Rebekah gives birth to the struggle between Dark and Light, between the masculine and the feminine. An angel tells her there are “two nations” in her womb, before Esau and Jacob are born. The analogies are fairly evident: Esau is the older, the firstborn, the masculine, the hairy, the meat-eater, the hunter. Jacob is the follower, the younger (by a few minutes…), the smooth-skinned (like a reptilian?), and a faithful servant; it is implied that he is more feminine. The masculine begins as perverted-destructive, and the feminine as trapped soul energy. Esau, the hairy carnivore, is the former, and Jacob is the latter. They begin in Rebekah’s womb.

But their analogy was birthed much earlier, with Adam and Eve. In the very first pages of Genesis, after God curses and banishes his creation, it is explained that the masculine will damage the head of the feminine, and she will drag his heel (although this is rather muddied in some versions of the Bible). This is the masculine hijacking the feminine’s ascension back to Source, by interfering with her thinking so that she cannot clearly hear messages from Source. Her reception of spirit is dulled; her own masculine side cannot descend, create and manifest the same way as his. (Background: the man or the masculine aspect itself is both masculine and feminine, and so is the woman or the feminine aspect – see other MyToE essays.)

Isn’t the analogy to Esau and Jacob pretty clear? When Esau is born first, (after probably kicking his brother in the head) and Jacob is clasping his heel – that was clearly foreshadowed very early in Genesis. What the essence is here – the esoteric nugget – is that the destructive-perverted masculine traps and warps the spirit energy – the head – of the feminine. And when she grabs his heel, she is making him repay, making him be in service to her, and assist her ascension. These are the dynamics that will characterize life for people in the new game, the Grand Experiment. The new dynamic, born in Genesis, specifically beginning with Abraham, is to allow the destructive-perverted masculine agenda of the Serpent/Beast/Satan to re-align with Source and be integrated back into humanity (or be destroyed).

So there is a new game, but Satan is an old dog. What Satan does to control the game, is to continue his usual attempts to steal and trap spirit energy, because he thinks he needs to do this to survive. What Satan needs to feel in control is to continue to limit the feminine, to block her path back to Source.

Our Source-Creator gave us two brains: The right brain is feminine, and the left brain masculine.

A fundamental point here is that our two brain hemispheres are asymmetrical as a product of our creation. Without getting too deep into the science of how metaphysics affect physiology (it’s all God, right?), this asymmetry represents God + man. The right brain (*oversimplifying* controlling most, but not all, of the left half of the body, including vision) is the more Source-connected side. It is receptive and feminine in nature. Messages from God and spirit (whether they be angels, deceivers, or others’ thoughts) come through the right brain.

The feminine right-brain is connected to Source and spiritual inputs; the masculine left-brain is the seat of verbal skills, which are linear/rigid and disconnected from Source – this is the origin of the serpent tongue, of words which will always fail to hit the mark.

The left-brain (affected by and controlling most, but not all, of the right half of the body) is the more ego-connected side. Our conscious thoughts and intentional actions come from the left-brain. The left brain is masculine in nature: masculine is spirit, and spirit descends into matter. The masculine essence is also rigid, and being linear is a form of rigidity, and verbal skills are linear – there is only so much tolerance of tangential words – the linear must be dominant. The left brain facilitates the descending into matter of the man’s (or woman’s) own individual intention, i.e, as man creates his world. It’s through the left-brain that man is endowed with the power to manifest. Man’s descending-manifesting abilities were set by rigid laws originally granted by Source, which desired to set free mankind to make his own creations out of his own free will. This is the meaning of being born into sin, for man’s autonomous creations are doomed to “miss the mark” – to sin, as are his words.

The feminine is receptive and submissive; she is matter and matter ascends up to spirit. The right brain, the feminine, receives spirit (intention/design/will/desire) and she gives her matter to the masculine’s autonomy, so that he may create out of his own free will. (She is supposed to guide him and make him better by facilitating his reception of Source through his right brain, but since she has been kicked in the head, she can’t do that very well.)

As the right brain receives input from Source, it “hears” spiritual messages that are not of her own making, but are the Truth of Source (although it can also hear deceitful messages from spirit entities; integration and a well-developed corpus callosum are important, but detailed elsewhere). Its purpose is to measure the free will’s creations, to hold up a mirror to it, to see what is True. That which is True is granted its path back to Source. When the descending masculine agenda is not perverted to destructive ends, as in the divine masculine, the left brain obeys God and allows itself to be measured; that which is retained is the remnant; the rest is illusion. The illusions of man’s free will creations, that are not True, are the chaff, not the wheat. The wheat is the remnant.

Therefore, what Satan does is to prefer the left brain, and to distrust the feminine right brain.

The Annunaki who continue to rule the Earth want to hijack the game, by continuing the regeneration of slaves to serve their masculine agenda. They need left-brain dominant people to do this. Left-brain dominant people make better slaves.

Continued in Part Two

Couldn’t you tell that something was wrong?

Didn’t You Notice That Something Was Very Wrong?

Maybe you were there, back then. Where? Maybe I mean anywhere, out of a bunch of places at least, because I don’t mean where I mean when. When we were cranking along in the 20th century, finishing that up, that century of war. It was always “post-war,” remember? Except that we were always in some kind of war, it seemed. But we were post-that-war, that huge war in the middle of the century that defined everything, that the rest of the universe was in relation to, when the English and Americans beat the anti-Christ Nazis, you know that war? That war that when it was all black and white before and color soon after? Then there were smaller wars and then color TV was born, along with rock and roll and everything else worth living for.

So much war, the people could never quite recover enough to make a peaceful and thriving society on a large scale. But as implied, the good people would try, try to bring hope to the downtrodden. As long as there is plenty of pity going around then we know we’re just good people in bad times and it will all work out eventually, right? Because at least we can suffer and struggle together (as if it’s us against ‘nature’ or something of the sort; whatever “It” is, seeing it for what it truly is is unthinkable). Because people will triumph over hardship. At least, good people will try, and some people really can triumph over hardship. So somewhere in there is a world view the westerner can live with and not have to dig much deeper.

Unless you were one of those who did dig deeper, who did not want to just live with it. Until in spite of all that you’ve been told, in spite of all that you have been believing, it still does not add up.

Didn’t you notice that it did not add up?

Did you ever really understand the nature of the hardships, the wars, the diseases, the “economy”? Or feel like anyone else did either? Looking back, what DID we REALLY truly understand, and were we right about any of it, back ‘then’ ??

Back when and where we were cranking along in the 20th century. By the 90’s many felt that sense of hope and excitement, but for what? Was it cultural or political, who knows, but some big improvement to get excited about was surely afoot. Being that the crowd didn’t seem to care whether this would mean great jobs and lots of money, or a new style of music or our gay friends getting married, little wonder they would be so clueless when the Grand Deception Hit Them Hard.

It had been building since Reagan, and festering before, and it was a well-established Janus-faced Coup d’etat long before that. But it reached a peak of Incomprehensible Surreality with the Bush-Cheney-led attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

Back to the 90’s – who could have been prepared, when so few were really tuned in. Back in the 90’s. But some, if they were listening real closely, might have heard a fizzle, they might have heard a dud, if they pricked up their ears at just the right moment, in 1996, or 1999, or sometime in between. The keen observer might have even sensed it was the fizzle of hopes dying, of assuring more darkness and bleak horizons, well into the century to come.

But few observers were so keen. Most observers saw things much more superficially than that. And they just did the usual: they spent all their money, got the hair curled and frizzed, signed up for college or grad school, bought a nice car and took out more loans. And continued to party. The music, the beer, all so much fun. As if the U.S. and the West were at that the top and had so much to celebrate at the end of the century, having a techno solution to just about any problem, and having produced ALL these millionaires! Will you just LOOK at how they live in luxury and happiness! Don’t you feel so special just being allowed to look at them? (I hope so cuz that’s what they milked you for)…. oh what a grand high-tech digital shiny post-modern glorious world we live in!

Could anyone else sense that someone was always trying to shove illusions like this down their throats?

That no matter how bad the economies of ours or other nations, that no matter how bad the poverty of some groups, no matter how extreme the wealth of the new millionaires and inventors and a handful of creators, no matter how revolutionary their products and promises…. it seemed someone really did not want these problems to go away.

Couldn’t you sense that? That the lack of jobs and homelessness wasn’t going to get better – because maybe someone did not want it to? It was unspeakable generally. But was it unthinkable? Unthinkable to most of course, but truly unthinkable to nearly everyone? I wondered if we could ever overcome the ignorance and self-centered blind obedience of the masses.

By the 1990’s it seemed that progress was steady but so were counter trends. Despite all these problems and despite all the people who were purported to have the best ideas and the best qualifications for solving them (so we could go on our way), the usual symptoms persisted: sights of the homeless and struggling, news of 10,000 more lay-offs, 10,000 pounds of cheap plastic crap from Mal-Wart, yet no urgent news of destruction or something they were going to tell us to stop doing tomorrow.

Just under the surface, the truth was it got worse in the 90’s. Then the odometer turned and it got even worse and worser. It was so bad it was surreal, the absurdity of the president and what his administration was doing, the Colossal Evils, the Relentless Persecution against any who would dare not be deceived by the Grand Deception.

Then there were the few of us who saw just how awful it was, how it was even worse than the unconscious fears of his critics who minimize the horrors of our leaders as the disappointing corruption of the ruling elites.

Didn’t you suspect that that just didn’t cut it? That something much more sinister was at work? I mean, didn’t you know that– on some level? Were you among those who could see, hear, read, sense, and figure it out that that was no explanation at all?

And then post-amid-Grand Deception (post 9/11) – we all knew the economy was bad. Whether war and terrorism were really the cause, who knew, but it just goes with the bad times, so it must be the Arabs’ fault. So we all suffered the crimes of the poor and oppressed from places we’d never seen, where conditions were so bad it made the unseen people bad (because only poor and troubled people are driven to commit crimes, right? Rich people are all too happy and positive, naturally attracting their wealth, to ever victimize anyone, right?)

There were a few jobs with the usual chains, and that was it. Low-pay of course. Thanks to dollar stores you could save a bit on groceries and you might want to spend that on some gadgets and plastic dishes and extra special soap. And lots more stuff made very cheaply by workers paid pennies for their long hours. And yet the corporations keep thinking they’ll make millions off your purchasing power at TJ Maxx.

Yep, the mega-multi-national corporations just keep trying the same old thing, and they just keep using all this force to give you the impression you have no other options: You will buy these things at TJ Maxx because you have before.

Didn’t you ever wonder why it just HAD to be – that the cheap crap made by imprisoned slaves in China was THE dominant paradigm of your outdoor and retail environments where you spend most your time?

And that never seems to change?! Obviously, conditions aren’t getting any better for Chinese/3rd world virtual-slave laborers. And yet their products have less and less value to us, we have less demand for them, they don’t serve our needs and don’t even do a good job indulging our vanities.

The manufactured items just sit there on the racks, on the shelves. Forced there. Squeezed out of the warm bodies whose souls are despised by the CEO’s, and whose labor buys their yachts.

All of the military and law enforcement, all of the mighty might the planet’s wealthiest tyrants East-and-West can muster…. ALL of this might, this power, this DO-THIS-OR-DIE method our global leaders still rely on most to sustain their wealth and power – this is what was used to squeeze these CRAPPY CLOTHES and PLASTIC JUNK out of warm bodies who would rather JUMP OUT OF THE WINDOWS AND DIE than do the slave labor they are doing in the conditions they are in (hence the factories have had to install “suicide nets.”)

Can’t you see that? And how disturbing is THAT?

And now these products line our shelves, collecting dust. In stores few can work in and even fewer would want to, but we have few other options. But to sell our precious time for pennies and waste our minds for corporations, in huge stores of colossal real estate value that very few have access to.

Didn’t that give you the sense that something is fundamentally very wrong here? WHY was it SO hard for anyone to try a different model?

WHY didn’t we ever see someone (with some capital) trying to sell Healthy cheap food, clothes made from hemp from a neighboring country, or trying to turn abandoned buildings into community centers for low-income neighborhoods?

Despite all we knew, the poor just got poorer, the rich got more vile and filty rich. Under the surface, the environmental battles weren’t going so well. No improvements in how we handle solid waste and landfill space. And when news trickles in from afar it’s not good, like the rate of tree destruction in the rain forests. Like the rate of glacial meltdown and sea level rise. Like the rate of oil drilling in spite of wells drying up and the earthquakes and sink holes as Earth’s crust lost its lubricant.*

Americans were implicitly and subliminally and repeatedly assured: If it weren’t just for the poor in developing countries having so many babies they couldn’t care for we’d have a lot better figures to report.

That made sense to you, didn’t it?

They tell us Americans use all the resources- that I use 1,000 times the watts that a whole village in Africa would use in a month, etc….. as if to guilt-trip me into how good I have it, how cush it must be here – But wait a minute, it’s just not adding up!

Like the fact that they make sure I HAVE NO OTHER OPTIONS to use resources (esp. electric power and fuel) in a more conserving way!!

And back at home, it wasn’t really improving in the States. Like the rate of American adults in prison long-term, and the continual stream of corruption and sick sadistic abuse within the correctional industry. Like the rate of homelessness and the continual erosion of housing security for millions more Americans.

It was SO OBVIOUS that nobody at high levels knew what they were doing!!

When really, we do have all the potential to solve our own problems, we know generally what works and how to go about improving it, and how to collect data and keep trying. We even know how to cut waste and improve efficiency IF that’s what the powers-that-be would really have us do.

So why was it so hard – WHY was is it so impossible to make some real progress on social issues?

We have better abilities than this. Someone does not want us to develop in that direction. Or else we would be.

Nothing sensible is keeping us from doing this besides the restrictions of cash flow! Cash that THEY*** get to create out of thin air and print out to the tune of a thousand times greater (that’s just the keep-em-silent bonuses the assassins and other operatives get to keep) than the chump change that would keep our productivity high, stimulate industry and raise our confidence.

Do you SEE what has happened here ? Your own government and its corporate rulership HAS HAMSTRUNG YOUR PRODUCTIVITY BECAUSE THAT WAS THEIR HIDDEN INTENT ALL ALONG!


And they did all that while practically nobody noticed that some big fundamental things must be really really really wrong.

So if you don’t mind my asking, WHY did you not notice?

*(and in spite of the fact that fossil fuel technology has been defunct for decades and our dependence upon it is forced for the sole purpose of maintaining the extreme wealth of the corrupt Satan worshipping elites at the expense of the stressed-out debt-enslaved masses – really).

Message to Autism Researchers

Once again I read about how you are trying to help us learn to be more appropriate.

So I won’t disappoint you this time when your panties are all in a bunch over how inappropriate it is of me to say:

You neurotypicals still have a lot of ego (subliminal fear) in the way of understanding the true nature of the differences between us and you. This is an ocean of a chasm that may never be crossed unfortunately. The truth is, Aspies (people with HFA) quite OFTEN SEE INCONSISTENCIES, UNFAIRNESS, FIBS, EMBELLISHMENTS that don’t make sense to us, because we see that you do not live up to your own stated standards of fairness and honesty, or simple rules of logic, really. You don’t. You rationalize it all away as how much more “appropriate” you are, and those inconsistencies and fibs don’t matter because so-and-so has such-and-such rank and that’s just how the world works. You know how to be appropriate so you must be the more intelligent because you ‘know’ when to not ruffle feathers, as if that is any kind of objective judgment.

But when you neurotypicals don’t ruffle feathers, because you don’t challenge the fibs and embellishments (and outright incompetence and lies of your superiors) where it might hurt your social status, then you think your preserved social status has proven you right, proven you to be the more intelligent and the more appropriate. You can’t stand it that it might actually be necessary some day (to strengthen your science, if that is indeed what you want to do) to really examine your ideas of “appropriate,” to see if there might actually be some assumptions there that don’t make sense to the autistic BECAUSE THEY JUST PLAIN DON’T MAKE SENSE.

It terrifies you unconsciously – this possibility that what troubles the HFA person are those “complex social interactions and nonverbal cues” that are “confusing” to the Aspie because they *actually* are full of inconsistencies, fibs, and embellishments. YOU think it is “appropriate” to ignore these “confusing” things, that you know better how to “navigate” because that’s how social order is maintained – which is RANK. And rank- being right by virtue of rank alone – is the basis of narcissism.  Rankism is rooted in (clung to) the reptilian brain’s social perception, and it requires left-brain dominance. It is threatened by the right brain, it will dominate right brain inputs- AND THAT is where this world is stuck. We are stuck there because YOU CAN’T STAND IT that autistics’ “inappropriate” views/thoughts/comments/ideas might actually be more intelligent because they are more accurate. THAT consideration is off the table for you.

Instead our most educated professionals have developed a prejudice that says “intelligence” is more or less a handicap, that being very intelligent cannot possibly have anything to do with perceiving and understanding one’s environment more accurately than others. Surely it must mean what we perceive is wrong, after all highly intelligent people are just like that. So why do such a large proportion of those with IQs of over 135 fit on the autism spectrum? Oh, well it must be because they cheated and they all got together and wrote those tests, yeah, back then when there was no such thing as autism.

I GET this because I am one of the oldest surviving female Aspies with a high IQ in the U.S., (finally dx’d age 41; that’s right I said “surviving;” most of us were ‘killed.’)  Many of us are also what could be called “Indigo Scouts.” But you will never entertain such an idea. You cannot let go of your notion that autism is a pathology and whatever defines it, whatever features those are, they must be pathologicial, inappropriate, dysfunctional, undesirable. As if it should not be very stressful for children, youth, college students, any perceptive person, to navigate in a world dominated by different sets of “rules” where the explicit rules talk about fairness and logic, and the unwritten rules serve those who already have the most power (and the bending of those rules serves them even more)!

How inappropriate for us to be stressed that these people keep saying they are fair, they are consistent, their words must be right if they were uttered by a person of higher rank. Therefore it is “inappropriate” to point out (to even perceive!) when their words are not right, when they are not fair, when their words are NOT consistent with their previous words or our own previous words. Of course not, your ‘common sense’ and your such-excellent socialization helps you naturally understand that it is inappropriate to have an emotional or stressed response to something one cannot control!

(That IS what it’s about: the pairing of “appropriate” with “what one can control.” And you don’t see anything wrong with that? Hmmm…..scary.)

And just how is today’s 5 year old HF autistic, or even a 15 yr-old, 25 yr-old supposed to integrate that into their developing perspective? It sure looks like you believe intelligence doesn’t count when its expression is inappropriate, which is another way of saying, those with the most money/higher rank get to define “intelligence,” and if they don’t want it to be a matter of accuracy, consistency, then well, it’s not going to be. SO WHY do these belief systems dominate the medical profession/institutions?

 “If you want to know who rules you, find out who you cannot criticize.”


Here’s the key, autism researchers: Didn’t you discover that to be a healthy appropriate neurotypical, one must have a world view with an all-important ‘central cohesion’ mechanism? That’s probably the thing that tells you what you can and can’t control, right? (Or it plays a big role, at least.) You see, that’s what makes neurotypicals more appropriate- they don’t get stressed out about things they cannot change or control!  But, wait a minute! Are you sure? HOW do you know you cannot change or control it? What have you tried?  [Answer: _____ ]

Oh, yeah, that, well, that ______ would meet with disapproval then, wouldn’t it? So that would be inappropriate.

So there’s the formula: You don’t like it (it seems unfair, untrue), you try to change it (you challenge authority), you are met with disapproval, and told you were ‘inappropriate.’ This … learning, this, cleverness, this…..cohesive world view that slops together approved=appropriate=results($$)=intelligent(must be right, got the right results didn’t it?)

THAT’s what makes the neurotypical more appropriate. I see.

Come on, docs, for how long do you think this is going to suffice?