Message to Autism Researchers

Once again I read about how you are trying to help us learn to be more appropriate.

So I won’t disappoint you this time when your panties are all in a bunch over how inappropriate it is of me to say:

You neurotypicals still have a lot of ego (subliminal fear) in the way of understanding the true nature of the differences between us and you. This is an ocean of a chasm that may never be crossed unfortunately. The truth is, Aspies (people with HFA) quite OFTEN SEE INCONSISTENCIES, UNFAIRNESS, FIBS, EMBELLISHMENTS that don’t make sense to us, because we see that you do not live up to your own stated standards of fairness and honesty, or simple rules of logic, really. You don’t. You rationalize it all away as how much more “appropriate” you are, and those inconsistencies and fibs don’t matter because so-and-so has such-and-such rank and that’s just how the world works. You know how to be appropriate so you must be the more intelligent because you ‘know’ when to not ruffle feathers, as if that is any kind of objective judgment.

But when you neurotypicals don’t ruffle feathers, because you don’t challenge the fibs and embellishments (and outright incompetence and lies of your superiors) where it might hurt your social status, then you think your preserved social status has proven you right, proven you to be the more intelligent and the more appropriate. You can’t stand it that it might actually be necessary some day (to strengthen your science, if that is indeed what you want to do) to really examine your ideas of “appropriate,” to see if there might actually be some assumptions there that don’t make sense to the autistic BECAUSE THEY JUST PLAIN DON’T MAKE SENSE.

It terrifies you unconsciously – this possibility that what troubles the HFA person are those “complex social interactions and nonverbal cues” that are “confusing” to the Aspie because they *actually* are full of inconsistencies, fibs, and embellishments. YOU think it is “appropriate” to ignore these “confusing” things, that you know better how to “navigate” because that’s how social order is maintained – which is RANK. And rank- being right by virtue of rank alone – is the basis of narcissism.  Rankism is rooted in (clung to) the reptilian brain’s social perception, and it requires left-brain dominance. It is threatened by the right brain, it will dominate right brain inputs- AND THAT is where this world is stuck. We are stuck there because YOU CAN’T STAND IT that autistics’ “inappropriate” views/thoughts/comments/ideas might actually be more intelligent because they are more accurate. THAT consideration is off the table for you.

Instead our most educated professionals have developed a prejudice that says “intelligence” is more or less a handicap, that being very intelligent cannot possibly have anything to do with perceiving and understanding one’s environment more accurately than others. Surely it must mean what we perceive is wrong, after all highly intelligent people are just like that. So why do such a large proportion of those with IQs of over 135 fit on the autism spectrum? Oh, well it must be because they cheated and they all got together and wrote those tests, yeah, back then when there was no such thing as autism.

I GET this because I am one of the oldest surviving female Aspies with a high IQ in the U.S., (finally dx’d age 41; that’s right I said “surviving;” most of us were ‘killed.’)  Many of us are also what could be called “Indigo Scouts.” But you will never entertain such an idea. You cannot let go of your notion that autism is a pathology and whatever defines it, whatever features those are, they must be pathologicial, inappropriate, dysfunctional, undesirable. As if it should not be very stressful for children, youth, college students, any perceptive person, to navigate in a world dominated by different sets of “rules” where the explicit rules talk about fairness and logic, and the unwritten rules serve those who already have the most power (and the bending of those rules serves them even more)!

How inappropriate for us to be stressed that these people keep saying they are fair, they are consistent, their words must be right if they were uttered by a person of higher rank. Therefore it is “inappropriate” to point out (to even perceive!) when their words are not right, when they are not fair, when their words are NOT consistent with their previous words or our own previous words. Of course not, your ‘common sense’ and your such-excellent socialization helps you naturally understand that it is inappropriate to have an emotional or stressed response to something one cannot control!

(That IS what it’s about: the pairing of “appropriate” with “what one can control.” And you don’t see anything wrong with that? Hmmm…..scary.)

And just how is today’s 5 year old HF autistic, or even a 15 yr-old, 25 yr-old supposed to integrate that into their developing perspective? It sure looks like you believe intelligence doesn’t count when its expression is inappropriate, which is another way of saying, those with the most money/higher rank get to define “intelligence,” and if they don’t want it to be a matter of accuracy, consistency, then well, it’s not going to be. SO WHY do these belief systems dominate the medical profession/institutions?

 “If you want to know who rules you, find out who you cannot criticize.”


Here’s the key, autism researchers: Didn’t you discover that to be a healthy appropriate neurotypical, one must have a world view with an all-important ‘central cohesion’ mechanism? That’s probably the thing that tells you what you can and can’t control, right? (Or it plays a big role, at least.) You see, that’s what makes neurotypicals more appropriate- they don’t get stressed out about things they cannot change or control!  But, wait a minute! Are you sure? HOW do you know you cannot change or control it? What have you tried?  [Answer: _____ ]

Oh, yeah, that, well, that ______ would meet with disapproval then, wouldn’t it? So that would be inappropriate.

So there’s the formula: You don’t like it (it seems unfair, untrue), you try to change it (you challenge authority), you are met with disapproval, and told you were ‘inappropriate.’ This … learning, this, cleverness, this…..cohesive world view that slops together approved=appropriate=results($$)=intelligent(must be right, got the right results didn’t it?)

THAT’s what makes the neurotypical more appropriate. I see.

Come on, docs, for how long do you think this is going to suffice?


Please call these Dimwitokwats who voted against Wall St Reform

These Dimwitokwats voted just like Repugnicans!

Call your Democratic member of Congress who voted to gut Wall Street reform AGAIN!

Last week, the new Republican Congress voted on a bill to weaken crucial parts of Dodd-Frank. The legislation reversed many of the measures that were put into place after the Great Crash of 2008—letting banks run wild and rob us like they did before.

35 House Democrats voted “yes”—so we got thousands of their constituents to send them an e-mail, and over 100,000 people signed our petition denouncing them for caving to Wall Street.

The House just voted again—and this time 29 House Democrats voted “yes.” Which means that we must ratchet up the pressure on those who have repeatedly betrayed us to Wall Street.

Every time a Democrat abandons the Party to shill for Wall Street at the expense of Main Street, we must let them know we are watching and won’t forget come re-election time.

Please take five minutes to call your member of Congress, and express your dismay that they voted with Republicans to let Wall Street banks run wild … TWICE!

You can find the phone number you need to call below. The following is a proposed script you can use. Ask to leave a message as a constituent. After the call, please contact us with the form below to let us know how the call went.

“My name is __________, and I am a constituent of Congressmember ________.I am angry that the Member voted yes on HR 37. The legislation rolled back some of the crucial parts of Wall Street reform that were put in place to stop Big Banks from gaming the system that resulted in the Great Crash of 2008. I am especially angry that they voted for it the second time.

I have come to expect the Republican Congress to side with Wall Street over Main Street, but I am angry that my Democratic Congressmember would betray me like this. I will remember their vote come re-election time in 2016.”


Terri Sewell (AL-07), 202-225-2665

Kyrsten Sinema (AZ-09), 202-225-9888

Ami Bera (CA-07), 202-225-5716 — east Sacramento suburbs
Julia Brownley (CA-26), 202-225-5811 – much of Ventura County
Raul Ruiz (CA-36), 202-225-5330 – east of Riverside County
Scott Peters (CA-52), 202-225-0508 – San Diego area

Jared Polis (CO-02), 202-225-2161

Jim Himes (CT-04), 202-225-5541

John Carney (DE-whole state), 202-225-4165

Gwen Graham (FL-02), 202-225-5235 – much of Florida panhandle
Patrick Murphy (FL-18), 202-225-3026 – north of Palm Beach

Sanford Bishop (GA-02), 202-225-3631 – southwest Georgia
David Scott (GA-13), 202-225-2939 – Atlanta suburbs

Dan Lipinski (IL-03), 202-225-5701 — Southwest Chicago & suburbs
Mike Quigley (IL-05), 202-225-4061 – Northwest suburbs of Chicago
Bill Foster (IL-11), 202-225-3515 – West suburbs of Chicago
Cheri Bustos (IL-17), 202-225-5905 – northwest Illinois

John Delaney (MD-06), 202-225-2721

Brad Ashford (NE-02), 202-225-4155

New Jersey:
Albio Sires (NJ-08), 202-225-7919

New York:
Sean Maloney (NY-18), 202-225-5441 – Hudson Valley area
Brian Higgins (NY-26), 202-225-3306 – Buffalo area

Kurt Schrader (OR-05), 202-225-5711

Henry Cuellar (TX-28), 202-225-1640

Don Beyer (VA-08), 202-225-4376 – Arlington area
Gerry Connolly (VA-11), 202-225-1492 – Fairfax area

Rick Larsen (WA-02), 202-225-2605 — San Juan area
Derek Kilmer (WA-06), 202-225-5916 – Olympic peninsula

Ron Kind (WI-03) 202-225-5506


Please take some polls

Not just here. Please take these questions out into your community, and if you are comfortable enough with it, ask your friends and neighbors

Perhaps I have forgotten what “normalcy bias” feels like. I know it must have taken some time to adjust to some shockers. But once I investigated, I could see the bigger picture, measure the plausibility. That part – assessing the plausibility (e.g., of ALL of those UFO videos and ET stories being fabricated, of there being motive and means to fabricate and produce such fictions on the part of ALL of those thousands of unrelated people including numerous high-ranking military insiders…) comes from the right brain.

It is so ironic, so maddeningly ironic, as in frustrating beyond all measure to me, that this rare right brain exercise – the ability to see the overall plausibility, in order to reach best-guess flexible conclusions on important matters – is what sets me apart. And in being different this way, I have to listen to the masses who refuse to move beyond asking their friends and mentors’ opinions, and then parroting those words, letting nothing else in, insisting they must be right, they must be more rational, because of the people who agree with them. I feel like I can’t take it anymore.  Meanwhile the chemtrail toxins rain down in increasing quantity, the geoengineering backfire has fatally fucked-up our atmosphere, and the poisons on the ground, in the water, in the air, are killing everything and everyone. Perhaps homo sapiens has chosen its fate and does not deserve to be rescued, but the deer deserve better. The dogs deserve better. The grass deserves better.

SO…. will the reader kindly please answer this question?


And even better, will you please ask your neighbors and friends the same question, and post a comment about what they say? And please tell me what state or metro region you live in. Thanks!


MyToE is my abbreviation for ‘My Theory of Everything.’ I am its anonymous author and I go by ‘Dakini’ on this site, but Dakini is really someone separate from myself, the author. I channel Dakini, or, alternatively, I am overshadowed by (another way to describe channeling) a feminine goddess wisdom who is ‘a dakini,’ or has the nature of Dakini. This is the website for what I call The Dakini-Anonymous Theory of Everything.

Before posting a lengthy essay on MyToE, I am offering some introductory thoughts. I am hopeful for 2015. I want the year 2015 to be the year of monumental change. I pray that 2015 is the year of colossal change, and the year of mass disclosure of the UFO/extraterrestrial influence on planet Earth. As many are aware, ‘disclosure’ has already occurred. Many millions of the mediocre mass morons are asleep to this fact simply because CNN, NBC, CBS, FOX, PBS, & ABC have not told them explicitly that the UFO/extraterrestrial influence on planet Earth is a reality and that in fact, humanity has never been alone here (because our ancestors include some who were not from here….).

The stranglehold that the mediocre mass media has on the minds of the masses is a tragic reality at this moment in history, and the puppet masters (and their nonhuman influencers) knew that would be the case when they set it up that way. Thanks to the internet, this stranglehold has become a weak domino, and it gets weaker with every passing day as the concrete heads of the older generation leave their positions and younger people come of age, go to college, become smarter than the vast majority of people with full-time jobs (especially those in government and institutions), and have nowhere to go with their profound knowledge but to discover how threatening it is to the concrete heads of the older generation (especially those in government and institutions).

Even with all of the profound knowledge of adults today who are in their 20’s and 30’s, there is one thing – one shocking aspect of life on this planet – which still very few had uncovered until recently.

The most crucial fact that has been hidden from humanity is about the ‘elites’ who have controlled most of the Earth’s resources and all of the money in the western world. This as-yet hidden fact is that these elites WERE HIGHLY CONTROLLED BY NON-HUMANS, for centuries, if not millennia, if not forever.

Whether some of these nonhumans were ‘extraterrestrial’ is debatable.

Advanced Nonhuman does not mean ET; it is well-established now that advanced nonhuman species have lived in hiding from humanity for many centuries, and they were advanced well beyond humans. In fact, humans acquired much of our 20th century electronic and digital technology from these nonhumans. [These conditions are well-established. If you are not aware of this, do your own research starting with Phil Schneider. There are thousands of other testimonials, whistleblowers, leaked reports and video/audio recordings that firmly establish this fact.]

The Reptilians were Terran (from Earth), but perhaps the Greys and Zetas who also conspired with humanity to control, oppress, and harm the masses (at least in the west) came later, in recent centuries (whereas the Reptilians claim to be related to dinosaurs). Obviously they think they have a claim to the Earth over humans. They even believe they were here first but that is disputed.

To their ends, nonhuman Terran species used their superior understanding of the human mind and social structure to teach the human (and hybrid) elites to convince ‘smart’ humans that beliefs in the ‘paranormal’ and ‘supernatural’ were silly, stupid, and to be rejected out of hand as ‘superstitious’. This was to their great advantage, because they did not want humans to find the ancient knowledge that came from nonhumans (both good and evil), nor to access higher dimensions. This allowed that the higher dimensions could be used against the humans in many ways. Because of human ignorance the negative entities of higher dimensions could torment, deceive, suck energy from, or even possess the humans who would be unaware of their presence. The humans wouldn’t know how to resist, prevent or cure this; nor would they know about their own potential to operate in higher dimensions. Without such knowledge they would not know how to transcend many difficulties and begin to ascend to 5D (to a state where their creative and sentient abilities would be greatly expanded) because the knowledge was hidden from them, aggressively denied, and dismissed as superstitions or insanity.

Hence, down here on Earth, we are plagued by compulsive conformists. This is arguably Earth’s greatest handicap and most destructive force: humans who cling to their ignorance with compulsive conformity.

MyToE will expand upon the phenomenon that most humans have a left brain dominance, and the left-brain is more verbal, social, also emotional. These modes are all primarily linear, because the brain has to ‘pause’ to receive internal stimuli from the right-brain. This is exactly the kind of vulnerability the masculine left-brain inhibits, for it is focused on external cues and immediate threats. The social and verbal processes mastered by the left brain are actually about external conditions and masking vulnerability.

This typical left-brain dominance combined with fear-based familial loyalty means that most people will rationalize their conformity and approval-seeking, with thought processes that remain uncorrected by the spatially-oriented right brain. It is through the right-brain that inputs are received from what we call the ‘higher self,’ or the spirit world, or the universal mind, or the thought field that is beyond one’s usual consciousness and contains infinitely more knowledge. It is a result of left-brain dominance that humans will focus on part-truths and semi-truths and choose twisted words to create and maintain the illusions they prefer – and especially to parrot such words when they come from dominant members above one’s own place in the hierarchy (and then cling to them for dear life!). And from there it only gets worse: after they have bought into and repeated these part-truth words, they can only see what is consistent with the ‘spin’ they have put on their perspective – or that was put on it by others, by the majority or the dominant group whose approval is the priority to most people

Unfortunately for humanity, for most people, this dominant-group-view or set of beliefs is regarded as if it is the ultimate or the only yardstick for the truth about any matter. This is what I call ‘tribal bias’ and it is the bane of human civilization.

As long as most people have the approval of the dominant group, they will cling to their partial-truths and distorted words, because subconsciously their highest priority is to gain approval by the dominant group or their own familial group. This tribal loyalty or ‘tribal bias’ is a function of the dominance of the masculine-charged left brain. Tribal bias is really unconscious fear of not having one’s material needs met. And in turn, this fear/emotion is the driving force behind all the words they choose/speak/believe. For most people, language and logic are subservient to fear and pride, and this is a consequence of left brain dominance. Hence the authorities are sensed as the most powerful group, because it is subliminally sensed by average humans that associating with them will assure their material needs are met.

Hence the average person will side with the authorities and their distorted (or partial-truth) words, falling back on the subliminal impression that the larger group or those in positions of authority must be right by virtue of their titles and positions alone.

This is the background for the seemingly insurmountable ignorance and denial entrenched in mass consciousness, and the near-fatal sense of frustration felt by the awakened, the Galactic humans, lightworkers, lightwarriors, Indigos and Starseeds, the activists and revolutionaries. (As I use the terms, we may all be of one group, simply characterized by having past-life memories of more advanced civilizations, but we identify with different labels or subcultures.)

So – this is what we the awakened have to overcome. It is caused by the bicameral mind of most humans – which the masses cannot override without help. The tragic and hidden truth is that most humans have this bicameral mind because they were genetically engineered like this so they could be exploited and controlled. But they ain’t gonna listen to the likes of that any time soon.

Hence there is a catch to the apparent ‘free-will’ of the masses who have allowed rule by nonhuman species, and are destroying the planet and many other human lives in the process. The catch is that the masses have been severely deceived. And according to universal spiritual laws, to divine directives, to the Law of One, “Any contract arrived at through deception is null and void.”

In conclusion, we are in a global mess because the masses are holding back the awakened because they outnumber us and because they were deceived. This is not just the logical basis, but also the ethical, humanitarian, and divinely ordained basis for why we deserve intervention by the benevolent nonhuman entities of the Galactic Federation. Although perhaps many of these GF ET’s arrived only recently, with the lifting of the quarantine (placed on the Earth after the great floods), they traveled out of their home systems according to rules that the Reptilians and their ET allies did not not obey. This was also true for the races who engineered humans to exploit them. They also did not follow universal rules, directives of God and His Angels, the Law of One.

What we call the elites are a small group of humans who created our society as it is today through cheating, deception, and unfair domination by outside species. This is why intervention is necessary and justified now. In light of the destruction, death, and disarray of planet Earth, in light of the suffering, deprivation and forced wars on the poorest 60% of the Earth’s population, intervention by benevolent ET’s is more justified, necessary, and DESERVED than it has ever been.

Hence, I am introducing My Theory of Everything, and beginning the year 2015, by asserting an URGENT NEED for the recognition of these conditions by humans who are awakened to the hidden political and spiritual realities on planet Earth. If you are an awake reader you will know what I mean. And if you are awake, I urge you to please join me in inviting the presence of our Assistants from the Pleiadian, Sirian, Andromedan, Arcturian, and other races of sentient beings with benevolent intentions who comprise the Galactic Federation. And together we say, YES, we request that you show up now.