Couldn’t you tell that something was wrong?

Didn’t You Notice That Something Was Very Wrong?

Maybe you were there, back then. Where? Maybe I mean anywhere, out of a bunch of places at least, because I don’t mean where I mean when. When we were cranking along in the 20th century, finishing that up, that century of war. It was always “post-war,” remember? Except that we were always in some kind of war, it seemed. But we were post-that-war, that huge war in the middle of the century that defined everything, that the rest of the universe was in relation to, when the English and Americans beat the anti-Christ Nazis, you know that war? That war that when it was all black and white before and color soon after? Then there were smaller wars and then color TV was born, along with rock and roll and everything else worth living for.

So much war, the people could never quite recover enough to make a peaceful and thriving society on a large scale. But as implied, the good people would try, try to bring hope to the downtrodden. As long as there is plenty of pity going around then we know we’re just good people in bad times and it will all work out eventually, right? Because at least we can suffer and struggle together (as if it’s us against ‘nature’ or something of the sort; whatever “It” is, seeing it for what it truly is is unthinkable). Because people will triumph over hardship. At least, good people will try, and some people really can triumph over hardship. So somewhere in there is a world view the westerner can live with and not have to dig much deeper.

Unless you were one of those who did dig deeper, who did not want to just live with it. Until in spite of all that you’ve been told, in spite of all that you have been believing, it still does not add up.

Didn’t you notice that it did not add up?

Did you ever really understand the nature of the hardships, the wars, the diseases, the “economy”? Or feel like anyone else did either? Looking back, what DID we REALLY truly understand, and were we right about any of it, back ‘then’ ??

Back when and where we were cranking along in the 20th century. By the 90’s many felt that sense of hope and excitement, but for what? Was it cultural or political, who knows, but some big improvement to get excited about was surely afoot. Being that the crowd didn’t seem to care whether this would mean great jobs and lots of money, or a new style of music or our gay friends getting married, little wonder they would be so clueless when the Grand Deception Hit Them Hard.

It had been building since Reagan, and festering before, and it was a well-established Janus-faced Coup d’etat long before that. But it reached a peak of Incomprehensible Surreality with the Bush-Cheney-led attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

Back to the 90’s – who could have been prepared, when so few were really tuned in. Back in the 90’s. But some, if they were listening real closely, might have heard a fizzle, they might have heard a dud, if they pricked up their ears at just the right moment, in 1996, or 1999, or sometime in between. The keen observer might have even sensed it was the fizzle of hopes dying, of assuring more darkness and bleak horizons, well into the century to come.

But few observers were so keen. Most observers saw things much more superficially than that. And they just did the usual: they spent all their money, got the hair curled and frizzed, signed up for college or grad school, bought a nice car and took out more loans. And continued to party. The music, the beer, all so much fun. As if the U.S. and the West were at that the top and had so much to celebrate at the end of the century, having a techno solution to just about any problem, and having produced ALL these millionaires! Will you just LOOK at how they live in luxury and happiness! Don’t you feel so special just being allowed to look at them? (I hope so cuz that’s what they milked you for)…. oh what a grand high-tech digital shiny post-modern glorious world we live in!

Could anyone else sense that someone was always trying to shove illusions like this down their throats?

That no matter how bad the economies of ours or other nations, that no matter how bad the poverty of some groups, no matter how extreme the wealth of the new millionaires and inventors and a handful of creators, no matter how revolutionary their products and promises…. it seemed someone really did not want these problems to go away.

Couldn’t you sense that? That the lack of jobs and homelessness wasn’t going to get better – because maybe someone did not want it to? It was unspeakable generally. But was it unthinkable? Unthinkable to most of course, but truly unthinkable to nearly everyone? I wondered if we could ever overcome the ignorance and self-centered blind obedience of the masses.

By the 1990’s it seemed that progress was steady but so were counter trends. Despite all these problems and despite all the people who were purported to have the best ideas and the best qualifications for solving them (so we could go on our way), the usual symptoms persisted: sights of the homeless and struggling, news of 10,000 more lay-offs, 10,000 pounds of cheap plastic crap from Mal-Wart, yet no urgent news of destruction or something they were going to tell us to stop doing tomorrow.

Just under the surface, the truth was it got worse in the 90’s. Then the odometer turned and it got even worse and worser. It was so bad it was surreal, the absurdity of the president and what his administration was doing, the Colossal Evils, the Relentless Persecution against any who would dare not be deceived by the Grand Deception.

Then there were the few of us who saw just how awful it was, how it was even worse than the unconscious fears of his critics who minimize the horrors of our leaders as the disappointing corruption of the ruling elites.

Didn’t you suspect that that just didn’t cut it? That something much more sinister was at work? I mean, didn’t you know that– on some level? Were you among those who could see, hear, read, sense, and figure it out that that was no explanation at all?

And then post-amid-Grand Deception (post 9/11) – we all knew the economy was bad. Whether war and terrorism were really the cause, who knew, but it just goes with the bad times, so it must be the Arabs’ fault. So we all suffered the crimes of the poor and oppressed from places we’d never seen, where conditions were so bad it made the unseen people bad (because only poor and troubled people are driven to commit crimes, right? Rich people are all too happy and positive, naturally attracting their wealth, to ever victimize anyone, right?)

There were a few jobs with the usual chains, and that was it. Low-pay of course. Thanks to dollar stores you could save a bit on groceries and you might want to spend that on some gadgets and plastic dishes and extra special soap. And lots more stuff made very cheaply by workers paid pennies for their long hours. And yet the corporations keep thinking they’ll make millions off your purchasing power at TJ Maxx.

Yep, the mega-multi-national corporations just keep trying the same old thing, and they just keep using all this force to give you the impression you have no other options: You will buy these things at TJ Maxx because you have before.

Didn’t you ever wonder why it just HAD to be – that the cheap crap made by imprisoned slaves in China was THE dominant paradigm of your outdoor and retail environments where you spend most your time?

And that never seems to change?! Obviously, conditions aren’t getting any better for Chinese/3rd world virtual-slave laborers. And yet their products have less and less value to us, we have less demand for them, they don’t serve our needs and don’t even do a good job indulging our vanities.

The manufactured items just sit there on the racks, on the shelves. Forced there. Squeezed out of the warm bodies whose souls are despised by the CEO’s, and whose labor buys their yachts.

All of the military and law enforcement, all of the mighty might the planet’s wealthiest tyrants East-and-West can muster…. ALL of this might, this power, this DO-THIS-OR-DIE method our global leaders still rely on most to sustain their wealth and power – this is what was used to squeeze these CRAPPY CLOTHES and PLASTIC JUNK out of warm bodies who would rather JUMP OUT OF THE WINDOWS AND DIE than do the slave labor they are doing in the conditions they are in (hence the factories have had to install “suicide nets.”)

Can’t you see that? And how disturbing is THAT?

And now these products line our shelves, collecting dust. In stores few can work in and even fewer would want to, but we have few other options. But to sell our precious time for pennies and waste our minds for corporations, in huge stores of colossal real estate value that very few have access to.

Didn’t that give you the sense that something is fundamentally very wrong here? WHY was it SO hard for anyone to try a different model?

WHY didn’t we ever see someone (with some capital) trying to sell Healthy cheap food, clothes made from hemp from a neighboring country, or trying to turn abandoned buildings into community centers for low-income neighborhoods?

Despite all we knew, the poor just got poorer, the rich got more vile and filty rich. Under the surface, the environmental battles weren’t going so well. No improvements in how we handle solid waste and landfill space. And when news trickles in from afar it’s not good, like the rate of tree destruction in the rain forests. Like the rate of glacial meltdown and sea level rise. Like the rate of oil drilling in spite of wells drying up and the earthquakes and sink holes as Earth’s crust lost its lubricant.*

Americans were implicitly and subliminally and repeatedly assured: If it weren’t just for the poor in developing countries having so many babies they couldn’t care for we’d have a lot better figures to report.

That made sense to you, didn’t it?

They tell us Americans use all the resources- that I use 1,000 times the watts that a whole village in Africa would use in a month, etc….. as if to guilt-trip me into how good I have it, how cush it must be here – But wait a minute, it’s just not adding up!

Like the fact that they make sure I HAVE NO OTHER OPTIONS to use resources (esp. electric power and fuel) in a more conserving way!!

And back at home, it wasn’t really improving in the States. Like the rate of American adults in prison long-term, and the continual stream of corruption and sick sadistic abuse within the correctional industry. Like the rate of homelessness and the continual erosion of housing security for millions more Americans.

It was SO OBVIOUS that nobody at high levels knew what they were doing!!

When really, we do have all the potential to solve our own problems, we know generally what works and how to go about improving it, and how to collect data and keep trying. We even know how to cut waste and improve efficiency IF that’s what the powers-that-be would really have us do.

So why was it so hard – WHY was is it so impossible to make some real progress on social issues?

We have better abilities than this. Someone does not want us to develop in that direction. Or else we would be.

Nothing sensible is keeping us from doing this besides the restrictions of cash flow! Cash that THEY*** get to create out of thin air and print out to the tune of a thousand times greater (that’s just the keep-em-silent bonuses the assassins and other operatives get to keep) than the chump change that would keep our productivity high, stimulate industry and raise our confidence.

Do you SEE what has happened here ? Your own government and its corporate rulership HAS HAMSTRUNG YOUR PRODUCTIVITY BECAUSE THAT WAS THEIR HIDDEN INTENT ALL ALONG!


And they did all that while practically nobody noticed that some big fundamental things must be really really really wrong.

So if you don’t mind my asking, WHY did you not notice?

*(and in spite of the fact that fossil fuel technology has been defunct for decades and our dependence upon it is forced for the sole purpose of maintaining the extreme wealth of the corrupt Satan worshipping elites at the expense of the stressed-out debt-enslaved masses – really).


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