Message to Autism Researchers

Once again I read about how you are trying to help us learn to be more appropriate.

So I won’t disappoint you this time when your panties are all in a bunch over how inappropriate it is of me to say:

You neurotypicals still have a lot of ego (subliminal fear) in the way of understanding the true nature of the differences between us and you. This is an ocean of a chasm that may never be crossed unfortunately. The truth is, Aspies (people with HFA) quite OFTEN SEE INCONSISTENCIES, UNFAIRNESS, FIBS, EMBELLISHMENTS that don’t make sense to us, because we see that you do not live up to your own stated standards of fairness and honesty, or simple rules of logic, really. You don’t. You rationalize it all away as how much more “appropriate” you are, and those inconsistencies and fibs don’t matter because so-and-so has such-and-such rank and that’s just how the world works. You know how to be appropriate so you must be the more intelligent because you ‘know’ when to not ruffle feathers, as if that is any kind of objective judgment.

But when you neurotypicals don’t ruffle feathers, because you don’t challenge the fibs and embellishments (and outright incompetence and lies of your superiors) where it might hurt your social status, then you think your preserved social status has proven you right, proven you to be the more intelligent and the more appropriate. You can’t stand it that it might actually be necessary some day (to strengthen your science, if that is indeed what you want to do) to really examine your ideas of “appropriate,” to see if there might actually be some assumptions there that don’t make sense to the autistic BECAUSE THEY JUST PLAIN DON’T MAKE SENSE.

It terrifies you unconsciously – this possibility that what troubles the HFA person are those “complex social interactions and nonverbal cues” that are “confusing” to the Aspie because they *actually* are full of inconsistencies, fibs, and embellishments. YOU think it is “appropriate” to ignore these “confusing” things, that you know better how to “navigate” because that’s how social order is maintained – which is RANK. And rank- being right by virtue of rank alone – is the basis of narcissism.  Rankism is rooted in (clung to) the reptilian brain’s social perception, and it requires left-brain dominance. It is threatened by the right brain, it will dominate right brain inputs- AND THAT is where this world is stuck. We are stuck there because YOU CAN’T STAND IT that autistics’ “inappropriate” views/thoughts/comments/ideas might actually be more intelligent because they are more accurate. THAT consideration is off the table for you.

Instead our most educated professionals have developed a prejudice that says “intelligence” is more or less a handicap, that being very intelligent cannot possibly have anything to do with perceiving and understanding one’s environment more accurately than others. Surely it must mean what we perceive is wrong, after all highly intelligent people are just like that. So why do such a large proportion of those with IQs of over 135 fit on the autism spectrum? Oh, well it must be because they cheated and they all got together and wrote those tests, yeah, back then when there was no such thing as autism.

I GET this because I am one of the oldest surviving female Aspies with a high IQ in the U.S., (finally dx’d age 41; that’s right I said “surviving;” most of us were ‘killed.’)  Many of us are also what could be called “Indigo Scouts.” But you will never entertain such an idea. You cannot let go of your notion that autism is a pathology and whatever defines it, whatever features those are, they must be pathologicial, inappropriate, dysfunctional, undesirable. As if it should not be very stressful for children, youth, college students, any perceptive person, to navigate in a world dominated by different sets of “rules” where the explicit rules talk about fairness and logic, and the unwritten rules serve those who already have the most power (and the bending of those rules serves them even more)!

How inappropriate for us to be stressed that these people keep saying they are fair, they are consistent, their words must be right if they were uttered by a person of higher rank. Therefore it is “inappropriate” to point out (to even perceive!) when their words are not right, when they are not fair, when their words are NOT consistent with their previous words or our own previous words. Of course not, your ‘common sense’ and your such-excellent socialization helps you naturally understand that it is inappropriate to have an emotional or stressed response to something one cannot control!

(That IS what it’s about: the pairing of “appropriate” with “what one can control.” And you don’t see anything wrong with that? Hmmm…..scary.)

And just how is today’s 5 year old HF autistic, or even a 15 yr-old, 25 yr-old supposed to integrate that into their developing perspective? It sure looks like you believe intelligence doesn’t count when its expression is inappropriate, which is another way of saying, those with the most money/higher rank get to define “intelligence,” and if they don’t want it to be a matter of accuracy, consistency, then well, it’s not going to be. SO WHY do these belief systems dominate the medical profession/institutions?

 “If you want to know who rules you, find out who you cannot criticize.”


Here’s the key, autism researchers: Didn’t you discover that to be a healthy appropriate neurotypical, one must have a world view with an all-important ‘central cohesion’ mechanism? That’s probably the thing that tells you what you can and can’t control, right? (Or it plays a big role, at least.) You see, that’s what makes neurotypicals more appropriate- they don’t get stressed out about things they cannot change or control!  But, wait a minute! Are you sure? HOW do you know you cannot change or control it? What have you tried?  [Answer: _____ ]

Oh, yeah, that, well, that ______ would meet with disapproval then, wouldn’t it? So that would be inappropriate.

So there’s the formula: You don’t like it (it seems unfair, untrue), you try to change it (you challenge authority), you are met with disapproval, and told you were ‘inappropriate.’ This … learning, this, cleverness, this…..cohesive world view that slops together approved=appropriate=results($$)=intelligent(must be right, got the right results didn’t it?)

THAT’s what makes the neurotypical more appropriate. I see.

Come on, docs, for how long do you think this is going to suffice?


One comment

  1. Roxanne · February 5, 2015

    You speak with much insight and awareness so you must know that there is soon coming a great “shift” that will put you in the position of teacher and guide of the neurotypicals you mention. I am confident you will guide with much Love and Kindness. Please be strong and know you are loved.


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