What is happening at FOX news? Is Truth Stranger than Fiction?

Well, Yes. But it usually is, so perhaps this is no exception to that.

First of all, the growing trend is not too surprising. Daily KOS ran the story: White House gives Fox accurate place cards at SOTU lunch.

Apparently FOX got snubbed by POTUS at the State of the Union address, where most the massmoron media monopolies’ correspondents got placards that said “News” on them, for example “Scott Pelley CBS News,” But all the FOX correspondents got placards that just said “FOX” below their names.

And BBC took their jabs at FOX too, “BBC laughs in Fox news pundit’s face,” about when Steve Emerson apologizes for saying Birmingham UK was a Muslim city, a No-go zone for non-Muslims. (He has since apologized & retracted.)

So the mainstream is sticking it to FOX, and that’s not too surprising. It is a growing trend, however, so it does indicate a widening gap. After all, FOX “news” has low credibility, most audiences know they are ridiculously right-wing, spouting fear-mongering propaganda to a waning population over age 60.

This picture is incomplete to me, however, now that I know how censored the  mainstream media is (not to mention Daily Kos is more like a daily ration of Kontrolled OppoSition).

So I recall, didn’t Glenn Beck spill the beans on the IRS as a foreign-owned corporation? Or was it the Corporation of the United States he exposed? And then he was fired, and then came back, something like that. (couldn’t find it on YouTube – can anyone find the link?)

SO, I have to ask, WHAT is going on here? Is the growing gap going to snap?

And haven’t I seen the strangest things occasionally on FOX, like when one host (gosh I wish I could find that – but I can’t – it seems to be gone from YouTube!) runs a story on how the U.S. has actually created most of its own mass shootings and other terrorist attacks. That’s pretty rare- to come out swinging like that, when the vast majority of their pundits preach war, war, war.

But occasionally they slip in something like this –

– as if they want to give a little airtime to the whole notion of U.S. sponsored false flags, including the mother-of-all, 911. Just dipping their toes in, testing the water. Hmmm….

Is FOX turning on the Zionist-controlled mass media?

I’m thinking that’s basically what’s happening. At the very least – they want to keep the possibility open. But there are only a few incidences of this – this stranger-than-fiction phenomenon, because this phenom is one hybrid-child in its infancy.

Like any infant, it has little sense of direction yet, nobody’s really listening to him, and when they do, they don’t realize it, but they don’t understand him. He’s not sure who he’s talking to, either.

How convenient for the Zionist media, wouldn’t you say, that this child is not taken seriously?

I don’t know why, or what exactly, got the Zionist execs’ panties in a bunch about the views of FOX’s pundits and “journalists.” But I suspect Glenn Beck’s calling out the “establishment GOP hawks” and their “coup” of FreedomWorks, and his declaration that the turnover at FreedomWorks was about “freedom and tyranny,” was a little bit more than just a blip on the radar for Oz (=the World Zionists & the Banksters who own, control, and heavily censor ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, and yes, even PBS).


So something strange has been going on at FOX. Occasionally, with their war cries they shout at themselves, as if to make sure they are at least still there, it’s too much for a “journalist” and he can’t take it anymore, he’s got to leave FOX: David Pakman interviews David Schuster after he did just that:


So we know there are people at FOX just shaking their heads until they can get out of there.

Makes me think that whatever it was that ticked off the WZs, I’ll bet it never bothered the Great Oz that much before. They knew where FOX stood. Indeed, they let them stand there. Probably paid them to stand there, too. They wanted someone in that position.

And in reciprocal fashion, FOX knew what the WZ’s were really about. They knew their dirty little secrets. Not all of them, but a lot. They were content to sit on that shit for years. So why now, why is a little stinky noisy gas coming out now? Are we looking at some dysentery in the near future?

But now as we see, we have a few hiccups. And it’s not just FOX flipping that so-quick bird to Oz, in an almost subliminal fashion. In the midst of all the je suis Charlie shall-we-be-Islamophobe, Paris wants to sue FOX for being too Islamophobic and threatening their tourism revenue:


And then, to be more schizophrenic, The BBC slipped in a story about Paris being part-hoax. They actually had the gall to show the footage every untethered mind knew of, to briefly flash the proof of that giant elephant in the room– that the cop on the sidewalk never took a bullet – that Paris was part-hoax. And although this story ran on BBC TV, 2 weeks later I cannot find the copy of it on BBC (there are only attempts to “debunk” that BBC even ran the story, in a Kafkaesque triple fake. See also: They were ‘pretend Muslims’ & Reporter admits they put fake blood on the sidewalk after the fact. Pakistan ‘shooting by Taliban’ was also fake- included a Sandy Hook victim., and the BBC is questioned about this).

But why would BBC make this move? To hang on to some credibility with those who might defect to FOX’s emerging closet-side? Or some real signs of independence, of their own defection from Oz, because now it’s safe- or, just a little bit safER?

Oz was so successful in cornering the Tea Party, they must have figured they were back on top. I don’t know a single liberal who thinks of the Tea Party as anything other than extreme right-wing, when the truth is, their demographics were forcefully herded in that direction, because what they stand for is dangerously anti-corporate, or more aptly, pro-libertyAnd the liberals as yet have no idea just how how dangerously pro-corporate, and anti-liberty they have become.

I guess the economy isn’t bad enough for those who think themselves too sophisticated to look deeper into the beginnings of the Tea Party. But – what happens when that 100th monkey of an overeducated liberal takes a good look at his-and-her downward mobility?

Perhaps we have a baby on our hands- or just an embryo now — that is rapidly growing into a whole new viewer profile to attract? Now, THAT could mean some fresh new territory, where right meets left and east meets west, where no man has gone before.


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