Cobra Interview Oct. 2015

… or big chunks of it. He answers some very important questions.

Rob – That’s really good news. It seems as though there’s a lot of misinformation in regards to how these dark forces work in concert. And I have a question here in regards to when you talked about the great forgetting and the Archon invasion. You mentioned that many of these reptilians have been reincarnating into human bodies.

I’d kind of like to know if we know or you know or the Resistance knows: when these reptilians come here in human bodies, are they conscious of who they are? Or do they just have these matrix nanobyte programs and they’re just like normal humans but running a hostile alien agenda?

My question is, are they aware like light-workers? We’re aware and feel that we’re part of a spiritual positive effort and yet we’re not really card-carrying members. Some of us may have had some experiences physical or non-physical, but many of us don’t have the context you have.

I’m wondering with these different groups of hostile reptilians that are incarnating into our system and find themselves in positions of power, are they consciously working with the satanic influence or how does that work for them?

COBRA – They have come to this planet in waves, many thousands of years ago. The first entry was in the reptilian body, usually. I would include the jump rooms in various portals of the subterranean bases throughout the planet and then later incarnations when they die in that incarnation they are reincarnated again as a human being. They are still reptilian but have incarnated in a human body and they have taken many of those incarnations after that in human bodies. They have forgotten, of course, like everybody else. They don’t know consciously that they are reptilians. They are just being used as puppets by the Archons and usually those reptilians tend to gravitate towards the most violent professions. Usually they work as mercenaries because this is their nature. They want to kill, they want to torture, so they are gravitating towards those kinds of professions and many of those entities are now involved in the Syria crisis as mercenaries.

Rob – Okay. That’s very interesting. And would there be a different group that’s kind of attracted to the corridors of power? Would those be Dracos or . . 

COBRA – Exactly. Many Dracos came – the same story – thousands of years ago in their Draco bodies through jump rooms in the subterranean bases and their subsequent incarnations they have taken human bodies and today they are the Cabal, the Illuminati. They are Dracos incarnated in human bodies. And the top of them know they are Dracos and it is part of their, I would say, “pride”. They see themselves as a superior race. It’s one of their so-called secrets that they are not actually human. I think Hillary Clinton just said recently that she’s not human actually.

Rob – Yea, somebody just sent me a post and she said she was created in a garage in Palo Alto when someone said, ‘Why don’t you sweat?’ I don’t think it was in Palo Alto, maybe in Camp David in the underground cloning base. I know a lot of this is so very far out there for many people. It really seems like Invasion of the Body Snatchers, but my personal experience has led me down this path where I’ve had certain experiences and I have to say, everything for the most part that you say really makes sense along these lines and I appreciate that. I’ve always kind of wondered the level of awareness of the people that are running these agendas. They are like a lot of us who are just kind of running their own programs. So at the point of the Event these beings also will be given a chance to turn towards the light?

COBRA – Yes, yes.

Recent Channelings

There has been a great deal of information in the channelings of messages from archangels and Galactic Federation light forces that fit in with MyToE. My favorite YT channel source for these is Matt Muckleroy.

This one was posted April 4, 2016

*** Very important updates and Info *** Very illustrative graphics

and this one as well, posted Mar. 31, 2016

Look at the view of Planet Earth, from a spaceship, at about 8:40. There is another spaceship that floats into the foreground.

Compare that ship to this recent sighting from Antarctica

Here is a recent video on Muckleroy’s channel that is very consistent with and relevant to the information I “download” and write about it my essays.

I will post more of these as I find them.

I do not post enough. If you are one of the few people who occasionally follows my “blog,” I’m sure you’ve noticed it is not much of a blog. I hope to remedy this soon, to post more often and attract a few more followers.

If you “get” what I am saying here on MyToE, these channelings show how my own theories fit in with other popular material. I have been receiving these insights by increasing volumes for a few years now; when I listen to Pleiadeans and GF beings such as Cobra and Mythi and ascended beings, they are saying things I myself receive via intuition, i.e., my “sources” have been telling me the same things.

I want the reader to understand that I am Pleiadean and my insights are often confirmed or echoed by other Pleiadeans who may be familiar to them, yet I do have my own unique perspective and contribution to how the dots fit together. I think the Muckleroy videos of channeled messages help establish this. Many of these can also be heard on other YT channels or read on websites, but his content selections are the best overall fit for MyToE.

Thank you for reading.

This is one of many videos with great information on who exactly Reptilians are. The information starts at 8:40 after her report on the destroyed ship.

I believe Reptilians are not only of both positive and negative orientations as this contactee Elena Kapulnik explains, but there are many more varieties, mostly not originally from Earth (they came in collaboration with other races in recent centuries).


This message from Ashtar is quite informative, and long. [Yes Cmdr. Ashtar is real, and with the Light; I finally “encountered” him in the astral realms – but clearly – a few weeks ago.]

I’ve marked the part just prior to 6 min where he talks about how many souls are here to volunteer to help with the planetary shift, and these are souls who had already ascended in previous forms. But the metaphysical history and other explanations are quite germane now.

My Theory of Everything as it relates to Genesis and contemporary Zionists and Jews – Part 2

Part Two: Genetic Manipulation and Hybridization

A huge part of the Grand Experiment is genetic manipulation. God-Source condoned genetic manipulation and hybridization, which has been ongoing for many years, and the U.S. military knows this, because they took part in it.

It has been proposed, and fairly accepted by contemporary metaphysicians, paranormal researchers, as well as many of the Truthers and Patriots (who inevitably discover the secret space program and the UFO “Truth Embargo”), that Hu-mans are alien hybrids to begin with – a combination of other races such as the Lyrans and Pleiadeans. The rejected reptilians were left out, which led them to fight for their claim to the Earth. God heard them, and as part of His amends, God allows the genetic hybridization to continue, this time including Annunaki reptilians. Reptilian DNA is necessary for the GE, because DNA codes for both body and soul. The genetic experiments and hybridizations are condoned by God, just as the hybrid hu-mans were condoned by God. It is said that these hu-mans came from 12 races, and the Annunaki reptilians are the 13th race. That’s one explanation (see video on Reptilians), and some say the secret of the elites who are descended from the Annunaki is that THEY are the “unlucky” 13, because they are to be feared.

Satan is embodied in the Annunaki reptilians, on Earth and in this Orion arm of the Milky Way galaxy. In other galaxies the Beast may very well take a different form; suffice it to say they just happen to be reptilians here. So here on Earth, we have the Grand Experiment, to make amends to the Beast, which Satan created after being banished by God. Well, Satan and his Orion reptilians have been trying to have some “inappropriate” control over this continued, condoned genetic hybridization of hu-mans. As they are let back in, they still fear judgment and destruction by God’s wrath. They still do not trust God. Ba’al is still pissed off, he’s not ready to go away just yet.

DNA is the blueprint for not just the body, but also the soul.

Your “non-coding” DNA, presumptuously dubbed “junk DNA” by some Zionist-controlled “scientists,” actually codes your entire Soul, your entire spiritual history through all of your past lives. Another key, is that the soul is revealed in one’s face. DNA codes one’s facial features, where the non-coding and coding DNA interact to reveal the soul – more on that later.

The Annunaki reptilians, especially Great White Dracos, are the entities at the tip-top of the (closed-off) capstone of the pyramid. They need people whose spiritual DNA includes reptilian past lives, as this makes them favorable for hosting the Satanic spirit, but – reptilian souls are not necessarily evil; they have been trapped.

You know, that familiar pyramid with an all-seeing eye in the floating capstone (floating= hyperdimensional manifesting abilities – the super powers of the fallen angels; closed off = extreme secrecy). That capstone is inhabited by Draco-Reps and the humans they possess. They need people with certain DNA profiles, in order to keep the Grand Experiment hijacked. They need people whose spiritual DNA includes reptilian past lives, so they can continue to host reptilian spirits. The reptilian spirit hosted is not necessarily evil or Satanic; it is preferred just because it has lived as reptilian before – and that means memories. All the various reptilian races lived in and learned Draconian cultures, where left-brains memorized everything, where right-brains were stunted, where sadism was honored, and where hierarchy was unbreachable. These life histories make them favorable for hosting the Satanic – which is, in essence, a perversion of the descending masculine agenda into a destructive force, whose antidote is the feminine ascending agenda. This is why the elites and secret societies follow bloodlines so carefully. They do so with knowledge and methods gained through their connections to non-humans, whether they be subterranean or extraterrestrial (since both have been here and interacting with select humans for a long time now – that’s just the truth, like it or not). What they are after is being in control of what kind of spirit, how much of the Satanic spirit, a person is inclined to host.

The hidden rulers – non-humans and the most powerful humans – at the highest levels within the elusive NWO/Zionist/Cabal organizations are well into their transhumanism agenda on Earth. The purpose of this agenda is to create “ascension-proof” and “conscience-resistant” people who will not grow spiritually enough to recognize the evil in their leadership. These “people” – being created by the Beast – range from DNA-manipulated humans to cloned humans to manufactured humanoids. The elites do this because they fear free-willed real humans (who are capable of ascending) more than anything in the Multiverse. What such humans have, that they fear, is balance between their brain hemispheres, which leads to a whole new level of manifesting abilities – which leads to the restoration of mankind to his 12-stranded DNA, silica-based perfected body.

The NWO Draco-Reptilian elites are gut-wrenching terrified of humans with ascension symptoms (activated kundalini), as it portends the end of their claim to the planet, and of Judgment Day.

This is why the elites desperately want left-brain dominant, obedient people to be in positions of power in society. The challenging and disturbing conclusion we will reach is that Ashkenazi Jews are such people, with the DNA that the Satanic elites prefer. They are only one example of it, however. There are many others on Earth, for example, groups of people in central and south America, and Oriental clans of people as well. The Ashkenazis are one of the most tightly controlled of such populations, they are a very recent added experiment, especially designed to serve the Satanic agenda of the western world – to keep the Occident enslaved without the people realizing it.

The Ashkenazis come from Khazars, a one-time primitive culture of barbaric Eurasians.

Presumably, the Khazars were primitive and barbaric when many, many cultures were primitive and barbaric, so that part isn’t really important. The little-known secret is that the Khazars were hijacked when they were interbred with hyper-dimensional beings, the most sadistic of the Annunaki. These beings fathered the first generations of hybrid Khazars, just like Satan sired Rosemary’s baby. Yep, that’s a big one, hard to accept and much harder to be one. But that’s what they did, and spiritual “fatherhood” may actually be far, far more common than we know. At any rate, the resulting race was expected – by the Annunaki White Dracos – to have certain problems, which could be fixed by continued refinement, which would require culling the weak from those who would go on to be the stronger of the Khazarian hybrids who would eventually become Ashkenazi Jews. Thus, the holocaust narrative was born, and the Jewish leaders offered up and used their own people, for their ends of creating an obedient left-brained servant population, to stave off their destruction lest they be exposed in the End Times. In other words, “IS” the serpent does not want to come all the way back to God; he wants to keep being God-like, because he still does not trust the God that banished him.

The big catch is – the puppet masters cannot control the free-willed choices of souls who incarnate as humans, whether Ashkenazi Jews or anyone else – they would very much like to, but they can’t. They can only affect likelihoods.

The Khazar/Ashkenazi forefathers were Annunaki Great White Dracos (said to mean dragon) and they needed people with dark features, so that they could hide their own light features. This is why the most powerful of the elite Jews – Netanyahu, Rahm Emmanuel, Wasserman-Schulz, have lighter features than most Ashkenazis. Other White Dracos had previously “come thru” Anglo-Germanic populations, including the Royal families. While these bloodlines are as carefully tracked as possible, they are too spread out, and the Beast lost control of that part of the experiment, so they got control of the Jews.

Now, that’s a helluva stigma – or something shocking, to have to bear, and no soul would volunteer for that without an agreement of protection. That protection was granted in the covenant with the Jews. Souls who would volunteer for this most challenging form of dual-hosting are the Chosen race. But they are only Chosen, and protected, if they stay on the Path. On this Path back to Source, it does not matter if one calls the Lord God or Jesus, as long as they are relating to the Light of Truth, absolute Truth, No Deception.

Souls who choose to incarnate as humans on Earth do so with knowledge they will “forget” once they pass thru “the veil” before birth.

This is a very common and well-accepted notion among those interested in metaphysical spirituality, that we pass through a veil of forgetfulness at birth, and memories of past lives, spiritual missions, the nature of God, etc. become unavailable. On the other side, the soul is informed of its circumstances. It knows what it’s getting itself into and it agrees.

So who among advanced souls would choose such a challenge as to be born with a handicapping degree of left-brain dominance, with DNA that was manipulated to favor hosting reptilian spirits? These are people who were engineered to be verbally obedient, to resist spiritual inputs from the right-brain which is more connected to Source. Their souls know that, before they pass through the veil of 3D reality. This is why I am guessing they are confident souls, committed to loving and serving humanity. On the other side, they are exclaiming, “Yes, human life is worth it, we can overcome the handicaps they will give us, so we eagerly volunteer to serve in this mission.”

The Ashkenazi are also souls who have been reptilians in past lives – probably in servant roles, as the Annunaki made distinct races of reptilians to serve different purposes.

They must have been reptilians in past lives – it’s a requirement. Remember, DNA codes for both the spirit (past lives and karma) and the body.

This is why Annunaki bloodlines are followed so closely, and are so preferred by the wealthiest elites who are directly involved with non-humans. They know that the Ashkenazis’ forefathers were hyper-dimensional Annunaki. They also know that the Annunaki bloodlines were further integrated into humanity by way of genetic hybridization programs that have been taking place this century in secret military programs throughout the world – where reptilian humanoids were cross-bred with humans (please see documentaries and whistleblowers – there are many).

Quite a challenge to endure, indeed, so these souls, who have been both the serpent races of “IS,” and hu-mans of the Sun God Ra, and want to serve the mission of bringing IS + RA back to EL “of God,” are likely souls who love God and love humanity, but perhaps jumped in prematurely (didn’t we all). Perhaps they were too light of souls, too optimistic even, for their missions that seemed feasible from their view on the other side. Before birth, when they agreed to incarnate, they were confident in their own soul’s strength to resist temptation, and they were confident in God’s protection.

Part of the protection was the hiding and disguising of the Grand Experiment’s hybridization component, as it is obviously too complex and too stigmatizing for most people to bear.

Hence the Bible is written in codes with somewhat cryptic terms like “tree of life” and “the remnant” and “born into sin,” and the big one – the “Lord of Hosts.” In reality these refer to very specific metaphysical constructs upon which our whole world is based. The ideas I put forth here are indeed extremely esoteric and frightening to some (well, that’s largely because of censorship and deception…. it could be different, with different leadership, but we are not there yet). In other words, I am not supposed to reveal these secrets. The Jews were promised protection from being exposed in this manner. So why am I doing it, when I know that God has advised against it?

Has God’s covenant with the Jews run its course? (It’s actually a covenant with all of humanity, who collectively share the burden of dual-hosting and re-integrating the ISSsss serpent spirit of Satan.) But has it run its course? I believe that it has.

The Khazarian Jews who became the Ashkenazi’s masters have deceived and poisoned and hijacked humanity so severely that humans cannot win against them.

This of course, includes many – or mostly – perfectly innocent souls entrapped in service to Satan. Innocent they may be, and most will be granted everlasting life, but there is an ugly truth they cannot see. The truth is that they are failing at the challenge to offer their free-willed creations and illusions back up to Source to be measured by Truth. It’s clear they cannot do this, because what this would look like is rejecting their Zionist (Satanic Ba’al worshipping) masters, and very few of them are choosing to do this.

But is it possible it is not their fault they can’t do this? I think it’s possible, but I’m not sure that some individuals, Jews or not, shouldn’t be held responsible for all the damage they did to others through illegitimate authority (pulling rank, etc.), when it really looks like they should have known better. Because what I have seen the last 40 years, is that time and time again, the Ashkenazi Jew (or the non-Jew who was willing to talk and think exactly like them) at your local bank, hospital or school was a master manipulator of Janus-faced serpent-tongued sociopathic rationaLIEzations which held the Draconian hierarchy – the one below the floating capstone – solidly in place, about as adaptive and flexible as a mountain of granite.

So to what degree were these typical Jews doing just what they were created to do? And to what degree should they have seen through the scheme and recognized Draconian B.S.? I don’t know, but I know that to do the latter, that would require left-brain/right-brain integration. Is it fair to expect that from people who were deprived of the fair chance to develop that integration when the serpent kicked them in the head and messed with their DNA?

Meanwhile, the whole planet and all of humanity are in imminent danger of total destruction, thanks to some non-human forefathers of the Ashkenazis who are not willing to surrender the Earth to God’s will, to humanity. As they have long known, “humanity” does not exactly include them for who they are at this time.

And in the meantime, their servant races – the Ashkenazis – have come to dominate American culture, and by that I mean, they have ruined our country, our planet even, by shaping it in the image of Satan, the Beast. I’m sure you think that sounds positively schizophrenic even if you have kinda followed me so far, so allow me to elaborate. The “ruined” part is easy: they are causing immense suffering of billions of people worldwide, as we speak, whether they know it or not (that’s another question – more on that later). The image of Satan part is a bit more esoteric, but look outside, once you put the pieces together, and you will see it.

If you’re American you may have observed that soon after WWII, the Jews moved in to every city and state and began to take control of education and policy. Within 20-30 years they were able to dominate all institutions, media, and banking in the U.S. – and they did this by preying on the sympathy of Christian Americans – they took the holocaust narrative THAT far – and it worked. (Yes, the holocaust really happened, but not to 6 million Jews; 1.6 to 1.8 million Jews were killed along with about 4 million non-Jews during WWII). The secret is that the Jewish leaders, the Khazars, offered up their own people in this sacrifice, because their “own people” were not actually just like them, they were considered inferior by the Draco-Reptilian Khazars. Europe’s Ashkenazis at that time were already products of hybridization – by both hyper-dimensional Annunaki, centuries before, AND actual genetic experiments (DNA splicing) – condoned by God (but practiced by a Beast who doesn’t like rules).

Yeah, this is the shocker, but it adds up, it really does add up. The Annunaki-Draco-Reptilian ruling Khazars – having knowledge that humans do not have of themselves – were literally banking on the holocaust narrative working – on milking the victim-of-genocide Jewish narrative for all its worth in the United States, including using the U.S. to create Israel (see Alison Weir’s book).

What was actually going on (and of course typical Jews don’t know this! How could they when they were created to not question what they were told?) was the Khazarian Mafia was behind the scenes, being the puppet masters of the Ashkenazi Jews – and the former are not entirely human, and the latter are a new kind of hybrid human, a servant class. They made an army ready to shape all institutions, media, clinical professions and courts in their image – that of a Draconian authoritarian hierarcy, which IS the Satanic agenda.

Draconian/authoritarian hierarchy = using force to trump truth = the essence of the perversion of the descending masculine agenda = narcissism = using force to trump truth = violence and destruction = stealing spirit-soul energy and trapping it into matter maligned with Source.

Rigid hierarchy of the kind that allows “pulling rank” is an example of narcissistic defense, and an example of perversion of the masculine aspect’s ability to create and manifest – it IS a prime example of stealing and trapping spirit/will/intention into dense matter and disharmony. All forms of narcissism have this perverted masculine as its seed: the narcissist uses force to trump truth when he demands that you reflect back to him his preferred illusion of his own creation. When he doesn’t give you money if you don’t obey (and you will not be able to buy or sell), then your survival is threatened, and he has used force to trump truth. Pulling rank, within a rigid hierarchy, is primo narcissism, and it is the stealing and hijacking of spiritual energy. This IS what the Fallen Angels did when they ate from the tree of life – they hijacked spirit, and turned it into something dense and dark and out of harmony with Source.

This is the essence of what the Beast does, and essences correspond, across contexts. In Hermetic wisdom, well-known by Ba’al worshipping Zionist elites, there is the Law of Correspondence, and they know how true it is.

Summary: Closing thoughts, and a recap on the metaphysics of Evil

1. Evil’s #1 strategy is to hide out in the middle of what is good.

2. Earth’s people have been ruled (their access to resources, ability to thrive) by essentially Evil entities, which the Beast/the Satanic come through, throughout known history.

3. Once embodied, in any body, the soul is always and ultimately autonomous, and the body has certain divine rights to their existence (violating those rights creates karmic debt).

The Ashkenazis are not by any means equated with the False Jews, of course. One’s authenticity or commitment to God is ultimately an individual’s choosing, always. Throughout history various puppet masters have tried and tried to indoctrinate and control the beliefs of the masses. Almost always – at the highest levels at least – such puppet masters have had direct links (whether through chain of command or bloodline) to the world’s wealthiest elites (those who controlled the money) who were themselves connected to some sort of secret society. If you are with me so far, time to wake up and face the facts: the secret societies were secret because they are connected to intelligent entities who are not human, and usually are more technologically advanced than humans. And as you may have heard, such “technology” may actually be indistinguishable from “magic” to typical Earth humans. It is through these secret societies and the controllers of money and resources that evil beings, and the evil humans who host or cooperate with them, have held the reins on Earth. Whether one can wrap their naive head around it or not, Earth has been under the rule of the Satanic, the Beast, the serpent races, since before the biblical floods. Hard to accept? Well just remember, the very first thing that Evil does, when it sets out on its evil path, is to pretend to be good. The serpent deceives.

As well do the False Jews. They deceive – they try to hide out in the middle of what is good, and pretend to be good, while hijacking the path of good, back to bad. That’s what evil does: it pretends to be good. And that is the simple reason why the Satanic Ba’al worshippers were pretending to be Jews, it’s been recorded, since before Christ: because Judaism was the religion and there were some good people practicing it – and that’s a smart place for the serpent to hide.

It is within the high ranks of the Ashkenazis puppet masters where the serpent takes his positions. From there they try desperately to control what anyone with any power believes, but they cannot totally usurp the individual’s soul, as much as they try; there will always be some who get away, and they know that. The Beast who has known the Deal of the GE for at least 20,000 years now, has always had esoteric knowledge not available to humans, and the Beast knows: the individual soul, once embodied as human, chooses what spirit they will host when they choose what to believe, what to say, whether to deceive, etc. Satan can only influence the individual, only very rarely can a satanic spirit completely possess or control a person. So there is an important distinction here: Ashkenazi Jews are just like anyone else – personally responsible for how they respond to temptations. There are some who may end up being crooked banksters or liaryers, or a dishonest doctor with a streak of malignant narcissism (I know there are because I’ve met them), and they have their own “karma” around that so to speak, just like anyone else. If it looks like they should have known better, i.e, they should not have pulled rank and lied or sacrificed others to their gain – then they are no different from a Catholic or Buddhist or Atheist or Muslim or Texan or A-b-c who was born spoiled and gets away with it.

The truly false Jews and false Christians reside in very hidden levels. There really are those calling themselves Jews while they are members of secret societies who actually do make sacrifices to Satan – the Ba’al worhsippers. They do this by causing immense pain from trauma so they can steal spiritual energy, and they get super powers in return – that’s it in a nutshell. However shocking that may be to any reader, it IS now blown open; millions of people know about it, and it is very, very real, no matter what your boss says, no matter what your neighbor says, no matter what CNN says.

It is now a well-established fact that many of the world’s wealthiest people really are Satan worshippers who make blood sacrifices to Satan, who kill people and drink their blood, and are greatly empowered by this practice, possibly because they become possessed by evil spirits.

So of course, these are not your typical American Jews – of course not (obviously most Americans have been so heavily indoctrinated by the “anti-Semite” narrative that they can’t tolerate reading this). When the False Jews are mentioned in Revelations, they are referring to those who really do practice Satanic worship, (and some “false Christians” do as well). On the other hand, there is a gray area – you can think of them as inhabiting the top layer of the pyramid below the capstone. It’s quite possible many of the elites at this level of power are not fully aware of how they get their power, whom they are really serving. They may or may not be directly involved in the Satanic practices; they may or may not be actually possessed by evil spirits when they do their evil deeds, or when they simply behave like self-entitled brats. This gets very, very complicated because this culture self-sustains through deception and compartmentalization – the less anyone knows, the better it works. The complexity of the inner-workings of these “syndicates” as insiders call them, is beyond the scope of this essay, although it is certainly relevant.

The important take-home message here is that Satan-worship has been going on within some or even most of Earth’s most powerful political organizations, including organized religion, basically forever, and the reason so many people find that hard to believe is because Satan is very good at deceiving and hiding. It’s that simple. What more people need to grasp, to move forward, is that practitioners get super-abilities from their sacrifices and practices. The way they get the super-abilities is they host the Satanic spirit; because Satan has been denied everlasting life, he has to steal spiritual energy, trap it as dense matter, and borrow others’ bodies, to continue his existence. Those bodies most conducive to hosting any degree of the Satanic – whether it be deceitfulness or sadism – are those who have had past lives as Annunaki reptilians (who may or may not have been evil themselves – many were the trapped souls of slave-class reptilians). DNA codes for both body and soul – and some bloodlines, including but not limited to Ashkenazi Jews, have favorable DNA for hosting the Satanic. Once they are fully hosting Satan, they are really not themselves, and they are drunk on the power. This is why celebs like Miley Cyrus or Beyonce or Tom Cruise get that Satan-possessed look on their faces and seem to not be in control of their behavior – because the music industry and much of the major media really are run by Satan-worshipping Illuminazi criminals – they really are; like it or not, it just is.

In conclusion, all this – this destruction (Fukushima, extinctions), this poverty and suffering, war and trauma, and finally – transhumanism – this is all the Beast and his desperation. And it should be clear to see: The Beast Rules the Earth, for NOW, but he seems to know that he won’t forever. All of these horrific things are the Beast in the End-Times, pulling-out-all-the-stops in a sprint to derail the Grand Experiment, to stave off his own destruction, because he doesn’t know how to quit playing God. He needs someone else to establish the boundaries, so he can finally accept that he will not get to be the ultimate judge, and he can rest.